Sperr dich mit uns gegen eine EU-#Sperrklausel - und dagegen, dass die Stimmen von mehreren Millionen Menschen unter den Tisch fallen!
Unterschreibe jetzt auch unseren #Aufruf "Sperrklausel stoppen – demokratische Grundrechte sichern!".

What gets in my tits are those worthless whinges about “nobody else uses , so I'm going with solution X¹”

Two to tango and all that. I do not use anything else, not even in my professional role.

No WhatsApp, Facebook, tick tack, matrix, ICQ, …

No Teams, WebEx, Zoom, NetMeeting, …

No Office, slack, Skype, whatever else.

Guess what? If the mountain won't come to Mohammed…

¹ Value of X changes every three to five years.


The #EDPS and #EDPB issued today a Joint Opinion stating that, while they support the goals of Proposal to combat child sexual abuse online, it presents serious risks for fundamental rights of individuals.
Opinion!hyc4M7 Press Release!H8tN6P

This is why I stopped using .

If you're having to login it's not IRC.

If you don't like the idea of people reusing handles, fuck off somewhere else.

linux - How do I "identify with services" on IRC? - Super User

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