Whistleblower Julian Assange ist seit über 1000 Tagen in Haft, weil er Kriegsverbrechen der USA öffentlich gemacht hat. Aus rechtsstaatl. Sicht ist das Verfahren ein Skandal. Trotzdem äußert sich für Bundesregierung nicht zum Auslieferungsgesuch. Wir #PIRATEN sagen #FreeAssange

> "We are sorry that he has been detained, but we ask you: why does it take the presence of a celebrity to bring attention to our plight?" said Bangladeshi refugee Mohammad Joy Miah, who has been at the facility since 2020.

> Since the hotel's windows don't open, Miah gave his speech over the phone, which a supporter projected through a megaphone at a protest outside the facility on Sunday.

> Home Affairs was not immediately available to respond to Miah's comments.

rushes to file defence of ban as court battle looms

Australian authorities scrambled on Sunday to file a legal defence of their decision to bar entry to tennis world number one Novak Djokovic over his COVID-19 vaccination status, as the Serbian superstar spent his fourth day in immigration detention.


Let's recommend Quicksy ( chatting app for newbies to get into free software and privacy. Quicksy has an easy sign-up using phone number, which gives same convenience as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and further it is free software, decentralized, federated and interoperable. I am able to use free software without being alienated from the society because of this option.

#xmpp #decentralization #FreeSoftware #quicksy


🇬🇧's,, & myself discussed the EU-wide plans for mass collection of everyone's communication data (#dataretention) at #rc3.

Watch the recording:

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The outlet (which frankly, doesn't seem to be supervised by the federal government as closely as it perhaps should be) has an article about “what is behind” the (as they call it) covid protests.

It is a prime example of manipulative writing where, while maintaining a superficial appearance of objectivity, you give a strongly biased message to induce a certain state of mind in the reader.

Not giving the article, or that horrible outlet, the benefit of a link.


New versions of #BeagleIM and #SiskinIM #XMPP clients have been released with A LOT of new features and ton of fixes. Details available on release pages: BeagleIM ( and SiskinIM ( Available from AppStores and via Brew.


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Le Centre d’Expertise Scientifique « CES Occupation des #sols » (OSO) @PoleTheia met à disposition la nouvelle carte du millésime 2020 à 10 m de résolution spatiale avec 23 classes.
@CNES @CesbioLab @Dynafor_Lab @IGNFrance



@varve copyright in digital era is a broad, complicated subject.

It's what enables CC By-SA and GPL/AGPL (that is: copyleft) licenses to exist and be effective.

On the other hand, in its current form, copyright *creates* the problem of orphaned works, forces artists into the hands of huge gatekeepers, and locks culture down under corporate control.

Rights of *individual* artists need to be respected, but copyright needs to be reformed and brought into the 21st century.


Turns out there are a bunch of recent IEEE papers on using #XMPP for power management in microgrids and even creating virtual power stations based on multiple smaller ones.

Aha! So this was the point of (non fungible tokens, a so called virtual asset), and this is what hope to exploit.

I am not clear on the macro economic implications of these tendencies but intuitively it doesn't look good.


Crypto fashion: why people pay real money for virtual clothes

People care what their avatars are wearing.

A number of countries in what's left of the *fine* businesses to compel them to check people's health status, flouting a number of basic legal principles.

They need to grow a pair of balls, take a step back, and listen.


Not our job to enforce mask wearing in stores, say English retailers

Retailers in England said on Tuesday they were again asking shoppers to wear masks but said they could not be expected to enforce the new law, fearing abuse of their staff.

> As he slowly shadowed the white Amazon Prime van down Midvale Drive in the Fresno suburbs on a sweltering July afternoon, Nigel “Cutthroat” Hawkins thought back over his career —fastboating along the Somali coast, broadcasting at 50,000 watts from international waters just off the Isle of Man, running half a million counterfeit “Bourne Identity” DVDs out of Hong Kong—and had but a single question: is this really what piracy has come to?

— G. Andrew Lundberg, Los Angeles, CA


I've released Converse version 9.

This release includes mostly bugfixes, including a few OMEMO ones.


I used to find those figures difficult to believe, but I'm starting to realise that the reason is that I simple had no idea of the real size of the whole crypto coin market. I still had the idea that it was a small bunch of nerds doing this, as it was when Bitcoin started back in the day. Apparently it's a $3 trillion industry though.

Given that its fundamental premise is that you're compensated (in virtual “money”) by doing useless work, it doesn't look like there's an easy way to fix this, no?

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, 🤡


Spanish police march in Madrid to protest against 'Gag Law' reform

Thousands of Spanish police officers marched through Madrid on Saturday to protest against a proposed reform of a security law which they say will hamper their ability to do their work.


Auch einmal etwas Lustiges aus Brüssel, ein Schild im Charlemagne-Gebäude der EU-Kommission: So so, die Kommission entzieht sich also ihrer Verantwortung 😂

Research Announces $1,000,000 Bounty For Details On ’s Backing

NEW YORK, NY — Hindenburg Research, a forensic financial research firm, today announces it is launching the Hindenburg Tether Program (the “Program”) – a reward of up…

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