Okay people, we've seen #Mozilla degrade more and more for years, and we've always hoped it will find its way and get better.

Now people working on Developer Tools, #MDN, and the Rust team - arguably some of the most useful and valuable teams at Mozilla - have been laid off, to make space for more profit making activities.

This is utter bullshit.

But perhaps this is also an opportunity. The FLOSS community forked OpenOffice, XFree86, and other huge projects.




@rysiek how do you know the composition of the layoffs? you've talked to Mozilla devs?

@2ck mostly from toots around Fedi. I would love a first-hand source though.

@2ck some info here: theregister.com/2020/08/11/moz

Seems to somewhat confirm developer tools team, MDN, and Rust team are affected:

"we are reducing investment in some areas such as developer tools, internal tooling, and platform feature development"

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