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I was thinking of that phrase "May you live in interesting times." Looking back at 2020, and the past few years as well, I really understand why it's considered more of a curse than a blessing.

I mean, this year has been interesting as hell.

In any case, here's hoping 2021 is a tad more hum drum.

Use of words for human/animal waste. 

I discovered (10 years late, apparently) the XKCD color survey and the (honestly, unsurprising) scatological bent the Internet takes towards some greens and browns. Pretty amusing. Accidentally discovered this grepping for swear words before pushing code (I tend to use such words for debug variables on long nights.) "baby shit brown" gave me a giggle.
There's also "piss yellow" and, strangely,
"poop brown"
"shit brown"
"poo brown"
all different colors. 🤔

Survey results where this comes from, in case you also had never heard of this:

one of these days i need to read up on how capacitive touch screens really work. for some reason, i can swipe my phone's touch screen with the corner of my Kindle, but it only works reliably on the middlest part of the screen, not the edges.

Very nice work from Hobert lab. Stereotyped neuron fluorescence for the whole C. elegans nervous system.

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I've been watching "The Expanse", and I'm wondering -- how is it that "spacing" people would even be a thing in all of the ships where it's done or threatened? Like, engineers put interlocks on that kind of thing: I'm imagining some kind of signaling system that ensures if any person is in the air lock, they are, at least, suited up. Besides that air pressure would be decreased in a controlled manner, not just vented out into space when someone casually presses a few buttons.

I don't think I've posted about this band before. They're one of my favorites, but options for purchasing their music here in the US are kinda poor. Top Shelf Records seems to be the only US seller and they don't seem to have much in-stock.

Is there a good public server? I've tried and I get at least 3s delay on every page load.

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Anybody have any cool Arduino project ideas? I have the itch to build something

Sometimes, when I'm letting myself get distracted by short-term pleasures (e.g., TV shows), it helps to *explicitly* ask myself whether I'll even remember that little treat a year or five years on or whether remembering when I did the alternative thing (studying, working towards a goal I value) I'll be happier. It's really like flipping a switch.

This seems pretty stupid.
Why should the value of a vehicle have anything to do with whether a person gets food stamps?

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while not original, (nor finished), i wrote a tool to remove automatically remove toots that are $MAX_AGE old:

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Merry Christmas. Remember, its a time for good will, you dont need to look far to find the homeless or a stranger in need.

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Performance artistique, presque nudité 

@numahell ah trop cool il y a le making of aussi, je me demandais comment elles faisaient pour pas se geler vu qu'il n'y a rien autour

(réponse : bin en fait elles se gèlent 😅 )

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pretty good for a laugh
> Some say that demons can inhabit the body while the soul is being projected. [...] It is only hearsay anyway and seeing as you'll have already asked for light protection nothing bad will occur.

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