Muselog #5

Getting the sound of the guitar using the Guitarix plugins inside of Ardour. I think it sounds decent

Muselog #4

Getting the sound of the rhythm guitars of Metallica's Black Album in Guitarix.

I couldn't make that sound using the Guitarix plugins in Ardour though.

Muselog #3 - Project Roam

Resources I used to setup Linux for audio and JACK settings. There are some xruns that I can't figure out, but it's fine so far.

Project: trying to recreate a Metallica song at home, using a guitar, a midi cintroller and on . Let's see how that goes.

@freemo I don't like to refer people to books online. I'm not trying to be pretentious or imply that you haven't read the book.

That said, if you check the first chapter of Landau & Lifshitz Mechanics, in the first few pages you will see his argument for the homogeneity and isotropy of space. Although I admittedly make more radical statements, this is what I have in mind when I insist on these kinds of symmetries and why I claim that we can't have science without them.

Also I have not seen this argument in any other mechanics book, that's why I like to recommend this one in particular.


Hi, I don't mean to spam you. I just found three interesting posts in a row and I was just having a similar conversation about the same themes and thought to share

Connecting prehistoric stick figures to the masking effect from Understanding Comics. Is there anything to it?

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