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Rest in Peace Senator McCain

You showed greatness even if you didn't agree with someone. My respects. I didn't know this until ten minutes ago.

video games really mess with kids heads. to this day I can't pass a corpse without looting it for rations and health potions

When I see people talking about ASMR, i read it as if it were a word pronounced “ass smear,” thank you, I have no other opinion on the matter

Today's , remembering the victims of all forms of totalitarianism (though most especially those of Hitler and Stalin).

Stefan Karl Stefansson is dead.

F, my rotten boi, F.

I've never seen something quite as random as the Federated timeline. It's like doing a line of pure internet.

Okay, can we just get a dedicated Mastodon instance that's populated only by bots that repost news, sorted by hashtag? And then other instances can "subscribe" to a hashtag from that instance.

Or does that already exist, and I'm just late to the game?

Just saw a short article on No Tech Magazine about a modern design that would allow a boat to sail directly into the wind. For some reason the image didn't load, so as I read I imagined what sophisticated and ingenious riggings would be needed to do something like that - so when I clicked through and saw this photo it felt like the punchline to a joke

(Great design, though)

just looked at the federated timeline and need to reset my brain

There are 10 kinds of people: Those who know hexadecimal, and F the rest.

Brief little self-introduction 

Qoto Mastodon

QOTO: Question Others to Teach Ourselves. A STEM-oriented instance.

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We federate with all servers: we don't block any servers.