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@namark @ssokolow stupid smart phones... First of all, the most difficult thing to do on a smart phone, is place a phone call. Secondly, who ever in any idea of usability thought that touching the view screen of a camera was a good idea for triggering a photograph. Most have some way of transfering that functionality to one of the actual physical buttoms such as power or volume. But as a relatively disposable item, every time I have a new phone I have to figure out how to set that up again. Currently my phone uses the onscreen button to trigger taking a photo :(


Even if you do not agree with my absolute disgust of most modern phone designs, you have to agree that they are not(and were not) designed for any other purpose than suiting and driving pop culture, in particular not designed for taking photos comfortably and reliably in extreme circumstances. The market is driven by people who buy the new shiny, without any consideration of utility. That's the main point of one minor sub-point you decided to focus on.

I don't see any deep rooted disagreement. In case my, perhaps, abrasive manner of writing is draining you emotionally, I apologize.


Vice dot com (a website that sends data back to Google, Facebook, and Segment, even if you don't have a Facebook account) reports that the Zoom iOS app sends data to Facebook even if you don’t have a Facebook account

@Juju what's wrong with a double chin?

Funny thing, I would like to pay you a compliment. But it is no longer to compliment anyone on their physical appearance and I don't know you well enough to compliment your mind.

However, the absolute feeling of sincerity I get from the 3rd picture (bottom right in the grouping) Just makes me smile.

Hope your day is awesome. And may your supply of TP never run out.

Just saying:
In most US States and DC, and a whole bunch of countries it is ILLEGAL to be out in public wearing a mask.

Stay home, stay safe, stay alive.

@nergal Here at qoto, we are limited to 65535 characters in our posts.

What you are summing me up to, is only a small part of the question. And I am also been corrected to say that this is more generally a US thing. Females are underrepresented in the programming field. There is a big push by many people with wide and varying goals I assume to entice girls to take more courses that might bring them into this field. I am asking what are the actual benefits to the players, and is it actually beneficial to the field or to the females or possibly to companies involved for other less scrupulous reasons. That is the summary, that doesn't take nearly the same number of characters. :)

Most of the compilers and interpreters I have used don't require any particular specific genitalia to operate. So I don't see why a girl would be better at it than a boy or vise versa.

Is the reason that there are less girl programmers because it sucks to be around a bunch of boy programmers if you are a girl, or something else.

The programming industry is terribly lacking in discipline, and scientific method/process. There are many reasons it is broken, and throwing a bunch of girls at it probably won't be the fix. However, fixing it, might do more to attract them to it than its ridiculous chaotic mess does. But that is just a side observation.

@zleap I love her story, and the language for which she is namesake. Babbage probably gets most of the credit for whatever her actual contributions to his "difference engine" were. But again, that is still pre-computer-science. Pre-FORTRAN Pre-LISP ... pre-programmer.

@nergal I don't run my own instance. I am on

@zleap Men generally are not working in the lower grades. Pre- Kindergarten and Early elementary education tend to be the fields dominated by women. With breakdown of nuclear families in general we are having more matrilocal society in general. Not sure what we get from that, other than more boys raised by mostly women. Perhaps that has something to do with the increase in transgirls and other gender dismorphic issues. But that is yet a different topic. Just mentioning it will no doubt bring me some hate both from those pro as well as con.

I do understand history enough that I know how initially the toy industry made computers a 'boy' thing. But if we look historically we have some female pioneers in the computer industry. Margaret Hamilton and Grace Hopper are the only two names that come to mind, and I bet most people would be hard pressed to come up with them.But if you look at who they were, they were well educated mathematicians first, to whom computers were just a tool to magnify their own abilities.

Maybe the industry itself is just so diluted by young boys thinking they stepped into the big money with a tiny degree who are lacking the discipline, and regimented processes that are the actual problem. And bringing in girls at the same level may not help that. Just make it worse, by focusing on unrelated social issues.

@zleap I am not asking how to further this cause. I am asking what the underlying motivation for it is?

Valued or not, we have no lack of both female and male persons going into medical and other service fields. As well, such with the engineering fields, biology, math and so on. Are there particular reasons that females have not been in the programming field in similar numbers as males, and is the push intended to benefit the females by dragging them into a field they otherwise had little interest in or is it intended to somehow benefit the field by something a person possessing different genitalia brings to the field by virtue of such?

I doubt that there is anything about a penis that helps someone write better C/C++ code.

Likewise what is the reason to "market" girls into a field such as this?

Don't get me wrong, I am not against it, per se. I am just looking for the motivation. Maybe I need to get my tinfoil hat out, but something just isn't quite lining up.

In my mind when you say, "Hey we don't have enough girls programming, we need to get some more girls programming!" It makes me ask "What is the right number of girls? What aren't/can't we do that we could if only more of our programmers were girls?" or "Might we be better off with all girls!"

Are there actual brain differences that make one gender better suited for one job or another such as solving math equations or grinding out long boring code to brute force some painful data processing problem? Should we have more boys working in daycare centers taking care of babies? Or any of the other 12 female dominated fields.

Thoughts on the day...

So it would seem that there is a huge push to get girls/women/ladies/female persons into STEM and programming specifically. There are people working on "scholarships" or "free tickets to cons" and such for them as underrepresented class of persons. I am wondering the actual specific reasons? Is it because we have an actual shortage of programming persons? Or because this class of persons desires to be in programming, but is somehow being shut out? There doesn't necessarily seem to be lack for this class of persons in other STEM fields. Could it also be due to the fact that this class of persons is traditionally paid less than their boy/man/dude/male person counterpart performing the same job as an attempt to lower the cost to businesses employing such? I am curious of the pushes that are being done, because I never trust the motivation given for anything that affects so many aspects of something.

Without turning this into an essay, I want to raise a few more questions?
Does the industry gain anything in the field from diversity itself? Does a programming team benefit from having a person of a specific gender, race, religion, national origin <insert the rest of the eoe protected classes> from the fact that they are in fact a member of that class.
Should the industry and its players change itself, (customs, culture, mores, language, and so on) to allow for such integration, or would the marriage of such new culture to an existing culture naturally change it organically?
Is this done in other industries where they are made up lacking a certain class of person and strong encouragement, support etc. is made to interest, entice, or otherwise bring members of that lacking class into it?

@hardmous bear is pretty much one and a half times the size of a big silverback. I am going for the bear

Covid19 and sex 

@hardmous what kind of bear?

Largest gorilla is about 600 lbs(275 Kg) and a Grizzly or Polar bear can be up to 1100 lbs or as much as 1500 lbs respectively.

And in a fight where? Shall we stage it on ice floats of the arctic?

I hope everyone is okay, and practicing social distancing.

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