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True connoisseurs know that the tastiest juices are in the limbs, which have to be cracked like crab legs to drink the precious fluid within

true confession: I've never had a corn dog. before you freak out, pls remember I'm a Canadian. and sensitive.

burgers on the grill, mojitos in my hand

playing a game in beta and the chat is so toxic sometimes I have to log off. why would you play a game you clearly hate, just to shit on everyone.

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Dog people just want to be loved unconditionally, Cat people know they don't deserve it.

Making cappuccinos this morning. Please line up in an orderly manner and have a great day!

My edibles arrived, my edibles arrived! (thankful everyday that I live in Canada)

I spent the day in pajamas so it was perfect

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If anyone asks, I was with you guys last night.

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The rarest people in the world are the ones who'll look you in the eye and say "Yeah. It's shit, isn't it?", and not clap you on the shoulder and say "It'll be fine".

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I know it's monday but fuck, I'm buying you all a drink too

eight straight days of work is now officially over. I think a drink is in order.

*signals the imaginary bartender*

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Dear my fellow Canadians,
Take this holiday to spend with family and enjoy the end of spring and coming summer. Also, spare a thought for the people subjected to the peak of the “brutal expansion” of the British Empire at the end of the 19th Century including the beginning of the Indian Residential School system and the hanging of Louis Riel all done in Queen Victoria’s name in the new Dominion of Canada.
#QueenVictoria #Canada #CanPoli

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This quote from the NYT today stopped me in my tracks: “Errors can reflect racist attitudes among those encoding the data. In the gorilla incident, two former Google employees who worked on this technology said the problem was that the company had not put enough photos of Black people in the image collection that it used to train its A.I. system. As a result, the technology was not familiar enough with darker-skinned people and confused them for gorillas.” AI scares the s#%t out of me.

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What is the primary source of your power?

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