Should I stick with 30fps when recording my screen (no games, mainly text) or go with 60?

What are some good ways to organize local meet ups? Open Source scene here is pretty small (or rather, non-existent) and would definitely like to try hosting a few meets

TiddlyWiki is great to use and the customization options for it is endless, I barely even scratched the surface of what you can do with it.
Would recommend it highly if you want to take down notes in a non-linear fashion.
A thorough guide on how to utilize most features can be found at

Here is the guide on how to use FOG (A free Open Source network cloning software)
You will have to right click and save the page as a .html somewhere in order to actually view the content

I have created a small guide on how to use FOG (more at using a wiki called TiddlyWiki (more at
The wiki choice is questionable but it's something I've been using to organize my notes and I wanted to see how other people would enjoy it. It's just a rather complex .html file which can be transported virtually anywhere.
I will upload it in the next coming days, I just want to announce it so I have some sort of incentive to finally finish it

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