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So here's the thing. You can only violate people's legal rights and your own word so far before they lawyer up and come after you.

I really do hope Musk changes his mind and does the right thing - the employees deserve that. But it'll be fun as hell if he doesn't.

For one day only (because it's more expensive for me), I've powered my story generator at with the latest GPT-3 davinci-003 model. Give it a try, to generate an opening for a short story. It's free, with no registration needed.

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

When you’re a big semi-formal international organisation, running a tri-annual very big inclusive conference aiming at diversity and inclusiveness all over the place (e.g., translating the call-for-papers “into as many languages as possible”; encouraging to work on and report in “all languages”), that’s very nice. And I do like this conference a lot!

But then why have the program and communication with organizers in an app which is available for smartphones only?

And this app (with only one one-stare review) apparently is from the same company that did the submission and registration website–so everybody does have an account there but of course the info message states that no connection to these accounts is possible. Brave new world!

I already paid a rather large fee for online participation and now I have to purchase an iPhone to just look up the slot for my presentation? Really?

What a mess!

Sauer-zu-lustig-Saftpresse. Ein Eliteeichhorn als Personal Trainer. Bio-Inspirations-Kapseln (täglich 3 mit 0,2 l Weißnicht einnehmen). Ein Becher Kälteschock mit Sahne. Studiengang Affenzahnmedizin, verkürzbar auf 0,3 Semester. Ein Dochbau im Wald, gleich unterm Neinbaum.


This, from @kaveh1000, is fascinating, not only for the practical implications of making the XML version of scholarly documents the focal object of publishing, but the (ontological?) argument that the XML version is the content while PDF or HTML versions are derived "views" or representations of the content. The work of distinguishing the real from the derived is never ending. I'll be interested to see Kaveh's full presentation:

Wie @wdraktuell schreibt, werden an der Ruhr Universität Bochum 380 Stellen gestrichen, um die gestiegenen Energiepreise zu kompensieren. Es ist beschämend, dass Universitäten nun die langjährigen Versäumnisse und Fehler der Energie- und Außenpolitik von SPD und CDU ausbaden müssen. Ob es nun auch an anderen Universitäten zu solchen Streichungen kommt, hängt am politischen Handeln in den Ländern und Bund.

100 Gramm Respekt in feinen Scheiben. Rollladen für die Brillengläser. Schwarzer Gurt in innerer Abwehrhaltung. Ein kleiner Pfefferminzprinz, der jede Tasse Tee auf rotem Teppich serviert. Eine Sauna für heißgelaufene Bremsen. Ein Lasseslieberlolli.


Could I tempt you to boost this post, or get involved in a project to customise Linux for users with special needs/learning difficulties? I have two such children. Adults now (18). I want to do something for my boys and for people like them. 🙂❤️

I've already done a bit, using Ansible, with AlmaLinux and Ubuntu:

Please spread the word - I'm sure someone out there would love to get involved!

#SpecialNeeds #Linux #Education #NonProfit

Es sollte gesellschaftlich anerkannt und völlig normal sein, sich als erwachsener Mensch im Alltag von einem Stofftier begleiten und moralisch unterstützen zu lassen.

Gangschaltung für Montagmorgen. Leistungskurs Gähnetik. Ritterrüstung aus eingerosteten Gelenken. Regenbogenfarbenes Nebelhorn mit Mähne aus Müdemüde und Schweif aus Nochmalumdrehen. Antiquariat der verstaubten Ansichten. Ein Zuspätzünder.


@Mina Aber fragen wir besser die Muttersprachler*innen:-).

--> Est-ce qu'il y a des francophones ici? Est-ce que vous pourriez nous dire où on met l'accent dans un mot polysyllabique en français?

merci pour boost:-)

I do like it here on Mastodon, but the huge influx of people from Twitter means there are far fewer image descriptions than from even a couple of weeks ago. I’d love to tell every one of them about this, but quite frankly there are so many I don’t have the patience. I’d dearly love it if apps could block posts unless an image description was added to every photo, but I suppose that’s too much to hope for. I’m feeling really excluded from so many conversations. It’s getting as bad as Twitter.

Perhaps at some point I'll write a thread on my deep concerns about our reliance on Google Scholar.

For now, though, why on earth does Google Scholar not let you sort your search results?

You have basically one choice: to see them in "relevance" order—and we're not even told the secret formula used to determine relevance.

You can also sort by date—for papers from the past year only.

It's really crazy that a mature tool supposedly designed to serve the community would be severely limited.

Hast Du Deine #Jugend in den 80er oder 90er Jahren in #Leipzig verbracht ? Warst du eher unangepasst oder aufmüpfig? Dann sind Deine Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen womöglich gefragt.

Das Stadtgeschichtliche #Museum sucht Interview-Partner*innen zu #Subkultur(en) und #Jugendkultur. Mach mit und teile Deine #LeipzigGeschichte.

Infos & Kontakt unter: stadtgeschichtliches-museum-le

#punk #goth #beat #oralhistory #ostfolk #wende #90er #80er

#LeipzigMuseum #Stadtgeschichte @leipziggeschichte #testing

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