Yay. I managed to send an email. All by myself. Sometimes it is the little things that make you happy. :)

In this case it was to figure out in what config file a "tls on" was missing, after first working out that was indeed the reason NeoMutt wouldn't send. :)

@mathias So what makes NeoMutt so much better than Mutt?

(guy living in mutt+vim since 20 years and too lazy to change his habits, but occasionally contemplating that the grass might be greener elsewhere)


I honestly have no real idea, I only know the theory behind it: NeoMutt is more rapidly and consistently developed. All their changes are suggested upstream and in many cases included in to Mutt. NeoMutt is like a stable development branch of Mutt you might say, even though that might sound like an oxymoron, hehe.

For me, not being a well-versed user of either, and installing from afresh, it made most sense to install NeoMutt.

@mathias Well, if you’ll get frustrated with config and feel a need for a potential acceleration in finding a solution, drop me a line. Maybe I’ll be able to help, even though my mutt setup is very stable in a particular spot since many years, so I probably don’t know about all the fancy edge features.

@FailForward the one thing I shall be looking for after my next meeting will be how to strip, or turn off, html in received e-mails to increase readability. It is probably in there, but pressing "?" gives me reading for days, hehe.

If you have other tips on good cli tools I'm all ears btw. I'm setting up my linux box to manage most of my tasks in cli. So far I have khal (calendar), neomutt (mail), nb (notes/knowledge base/bookmarks) etc but there might be things I've missed as I haven't explored these things much over the last 10 years.

@mathias re html and other rich content in mutt: check here: git.qoto.org/-/snippets/188

Specifically in your case, the line

text/html; elinks -dump %s && rm -f %s.html ; copiousoutput

I guess you’ll find out how to proceed from there.


@mathias And of course man mailcap and man mutt are your friends too.

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