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@pony It’s clearly an enforcement problem. Here it’s also municipal force (not really police, but something like that) responsible for these things. But nobody bothers really in person. We have things like the one below driving around. These scanners automatically report the cars to municipal servers, those automatically issue a fine, send it to an automated facility for printing letters and enveloping them and then it’s picked up by postal service. The first time a person interacts with that fine is when I receive it per post. And that is typically also the last human being seeing the fine, with an exception of me making a complaint about it, in which case it’s the first time somebody from the municipality touches the said fine. It’s a bit robotic system, but it works quite well and saves costs.


@pony I live at a place where we pay premium for parking anywhere (like €6/hr in the city centre is a very normal thing and annual fee for the second car runs into €300 with 3rd car being like €600). The world here simply reminds you every single day that a car is a luxury item, not a human right. That solves most problems like bad parking. Because with fees comes enforcement and it goes hand in hand with fines for bad parking. Cities like Prague would greatly benefit too. Especially in the suburbs.


It got busy and buzzy with so many people joining here around, but there’s something else to observe in the bubble I move around: people are friendly, welcoming and very helpful. That’s nice for a change. And then I read in the morning news that the world is falling apart. 🤔

@TeacherGriff I guess that depends on what one looks for, be it human-level conversations, elitist banter, broadcasting yourself, or just sh*tposting. Nothing wrong with either, people derive pleasure from different things.

I am primarily interested in human interactions, conversations. So from your list, it’s mostly (1) for me. My strategy is to follow liberally and then every now and then weed out, or simply mute people who either turn out toxic, or broadcast things I don’t like, don’t understand, or consider waste of time.

@DrK if in doubt, either the server admin @freemo is always there to help, or one of the moderators. I guess they also read the local timeline (I don't really).

@DrK Go ahead, explore. It's not difficult. And always ask, that's faster than wasting time being confused while looking around. And typically one gets to know more people that way too, which is a Good Thing ™️ .

@pony I guess that for 10k CZK you’d get a nice passively cooled NAS for your disks. My RAM upgraded QNAP with x64 Intel Celeron happily runs the disks together with all the lxc/docker containers I need (and Kodi, Plex, et al.) and occasionally a Windows VM just for fun. I did not measure how much it really draws, but QNAP’s spec says 10W at disk idle and 18W operational. That’s a magnitude less than the PC we spoke about above.


@pony Maybe in fact it’s not idling 😕 . Anyhow, at that price tag, suddenly that 10% price hike at Hetzner for a dedicated machine does not look too bad, right?


@pony Right, and especially looking at its BIOS power setting and disk usage is useful.

I know this is nit-picky, but myself I get always mightily annoyed when every now and then a firmware/app update on my NAS causes it spinning disks without a reason - just because some silly app dev somewhere on the other side of the world thought that polling I/O is a smart move or something. Apart from the sound being annoying (I have it in the living room), it annoys me that some stupid software is playing disco with my disks without any good reason.


@pony Well, I have that too, but with a laptop at a dock station. Anyhow, when you eventually discover what it is, please report back, I am curious. Being an energy saving freak is nothing new for me, but I guess more people around are adopting this as a new hobby these days 😉



Just randomly googling around tells me that an average PC with a display would do around 250W at peak and maybe half that at idle. Assuming 10h/day on, that would make anywhere between 400-900kWh/yr. Well, that’s a lot. I never though about it this way. Hmm.


@pony BTW, are you sure you don’t have a “prutokovy ohrivac” somewhere (like kitchen)?


@pony @piggo

I look at that Shelly stuff, it’s rather fancy. I’d go for it only if it’s a permanent installation. If @pony wants just one-off thing, I guess going for any of these which come with an app might be cheaper. Even buying just one and using it sequentially per single appliance over a couple of days could do the trick.

@pony That’s quite a lot if you live as a single person. I do like <1500kWh/yr with 2 persons on average, so that’s in the @piggo ‘s range. If you spend 1/3rd more, some appliance is probably eating too much - old lamps, bad fridge, washing clothes every day, or something.


I CW things voluntarily because I don't like to upset people. But I would NEVER demand anyone CW anything they want to say. Nobody should.

Choose who you follow based on whether you're comfortable with their posts or not. Don't be demanding others censor themselves for you.

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