#Massachusetts is considering allowing prisoners to trade their organs for shorter sentences. Because, you know, the #US wasn't already dystopian enough.


Happy Imbolc to everyone celebrating 💚
#Imbolc is a Gaelic festival set at the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is an agricultural festival celebrating the lambing season and the imminent return of Spring.
This is the first year where Imbolc will be a public holiday in the Republic of #Ireland.

#IrishMastodon #paganism #GaelicCulture

One simple thing you can do to fight fascism:

Stop visiting Twitter.com.

It's easy, efficient, and only takes zero minutes of your time every day.


And this morning the Shed is cold-fingered; unbound; searching for the signs of spring in the entrails of the dawn...

What things should be taught in primary school because life would be a little bit easier if everyone learned them?

I'll go first... sunk cost fallacy. Imagine if everyone over the age of 5 just knew about that, with a cute story and a song to remind us how silly it is to keep pouring effort and resources into something that clearly isn't working.

Now thinking about how you'd make room in the curriculum. As long as schools are somehow making time for religion* they should be able to swap it out for a bit of life-improving philosophy.

And now I want to know if there are humanist schools where you get philosophy in assembly instead of religion. And if so, why aren't there more of them?!

*non-UK folks, incredible as it may seem, this is the norm here - and clearly doesn't work because loads of us end up as godless heathens anyway

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My superpower is being able to gently toss my phone onto my bed from 1 foot away, have it defy every known law of gravity, motion, physics, and logic, and have it bounce off at 78 mph, hit the wall and fall behind the bed

Yesterday I took apart a pair of secateurs, removed the rust, cleaned them, oiled them, and sharpened the blades.

My dad's stereo comes with a circuit diagram in a little pouch when you open it, so you can more easily identify and replace components.

Clothing is *supposed* to come apart at the seams, because seams can be restitched with almost no loss of quality, unlike a fabric tear that needs to be patched.

Having items that are actively hostile to repair is a very, very modern trend.

The same people who were adamant (without understanding the evidence) that Tommy Robinscum shouldn't be jailed are also adamant that Andrew Tate has done nothing wrong

Those people are far-right idiots and propagandists


Govt’s new Green plan says it will put environment at heart of all policy, so I’m looking forward to reversal of recent decision to greenlight highly toxic neonicotinoid pesticides; a halt to £27bn road building plans & end to Bill that could ditch over 1000 EU environmental laws

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/CarolineLucas

This government is very good at publishing Green promises & pledges & woefully inadequate at delivering *any* of them. Their own environmental watchdog has issued damning report that *not one* of its 23 existing targets are currently being met. Where’s the delivery? And the cash?

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/CarolineLucas

Pfizer & Moderna are reportedly considering a 400% price hike on vital #COVID19 booster jabs - which have already earned them billions in profit. Pharma giants must confirm *now* that cost of these vaccines won't rise in the UK.

My cross-party letters to Pfizer & Moderna CEOs 👇

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/CarolineLucas

Here at NASA we only use the finest & most technologically advanced equipment 💁🏽

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