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If you keep asking "why" about something, you'll eventually arrive at quantum
-MisteryMeet, May 2015
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If you step on people's feet,they will open their mouth just like trash bins.
-Muzammil11, May 2016
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Father's Day is really Motherfucker's Day
-RobotsonRockets, Jun 2014

so, yes...i'm asexual-ish, but i'm so full of romantic feelings and probably more romantic than average people in general 2333

for me, being romantically involved with someone legitimises my healthy emotional investment for them (care, worry, overthink...) so that I wouldn't feel that I'm falsely investing too much in a person...
being romantically involved with someone gives me the agency to desire and anticipate, or else I wouldn't dare to expect anything from anyone, since friendship is mostly casual by nature. Of course mine is obviously more intense than others' but I need to protect my heart from being broken innit...
and romantic involvement actually motivates me to care for someone to a deeper extent - if I'm not infatuated and attached to this person enough, then caring for them would really be straining for me...only love (among other intense emotional involvements) as a catalyst can make me care for someone that much qwq

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It's weird, since I installed ad-blocker there's been a lot less women in my
area dying to meet me.
-ThePourquoiPas, May 2016

you never express your feelings enough 

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Wow imagine planning to go out and NOT spend the next 30 mins deciding what you’re gonna wear?
C A N’ T R E L A T E

Yeah I’m just dying
Nothing to see here xxx

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What's the use of Instagram? All pics are compressed so it's definitely not for photographers or artists.

I guess the only use of it is to simp for hot models there. And to see ads

I’m so tired of living and I dare not to say or act upon it.

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Why would anybody buy a bookmark for a dollar when they could use a dollar as
a bookmark?
-NOTW_116, Jun 2016

This recent event of mutually unrequited/deal of fizzling out has given me the Jeff/Annie and 12th Doctor/Clara vibe...the situation/dynamic along the lines of "there're feelings between us but no we're not going to work out that well due to our fundamental differences". The Doctor and Clara died a billion times for each other in a physical sense, but they've failed *miserably* to address this strong attachment between each other almost to the very end. Jeff and Annie, however, managed to address their feelings in the most realistic and yet eloquent way right before they part ways - it was such a beautifully sad moment. And, as of today, I've addressed this possibility of fizzling out with my 70% compatible polycule and I guess we're going to gradually part ways in the future.
Yes we're so much better at communication than them, but we're both in our twenties and it's just...kind of a heartache.

"I let you go, Annie."

We're so mature and terribly good at rationalising our feelings, that this potential goodbye sounds almost underwhelming......

Idk. Life is long and perhaps we're still going to have fun together but, oh well......


「Alas, remember the end?
Outside the Admiral, I inhaled. I exhaled, reflecting. I didn’t notice you arrive. But you stood there alongside me as the rain fell down.
“I don’t think this was a good idea,” I said, lying.
You shuffled your weight on both feet and I knew you wanted to say something. I didn’t let you, and you disappeared like mist, suspended in sight, betrayed by my grasp.」~Anam Sufi, Undone

After a few years of loving this story it is still an insanely accurate visual description of my feelings at the moment. Really. I'm misty all over for the fact I'll be saying goodbye (gradually, intermittently, ofc) to someone whom I've been pretty close with & romantically attached to for 2 years, 4 months and 10 days. Fizzling out is supposed to be painless but the beginning of it is always kind of painful, isn't it?


Audrey's cover of <When the Party's Over> is SO amazing and underrated though...
The notes of <When the Party's Over> scatter across 2 octaves. Not only does Audrey have the voice condition to ace all those notes perfectly, she's also got the capacity to add all those personal touches all through the song as well...and she was only 18 then.

*sighs over my own inadequacy* :geblobcat:

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