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The Lord bless you. He fills your feet with dance 💃🏻
and your arms with strength💪.
He fills your heart with tenderness ❤ and your eyes with laughter😁 .He fills your ears with music 🎼🎶 and your nose with fragrances👃.
He fills your mouth with rejoicing and your heart with joy. He gives you again and again the grace of the desert:
silence, fresh water and new hope. May he give us all the strength to give hope a new face. Bless you the Lord.

Blessing from Egypt may it bring you luck and give you a good next week.

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Hi, very nice to meet you🙂, time for an . My name is Josefine. I'm 29 years old. After a year on another instance, hope to have found a new place for myself in the Fediverse. My Toots are in German and English. Photography is my hobby, so probably most of my Toots will be photos. Other topics probably will be cooking, gardening, sightseeing etc. I'm a Christian and take care of a husky. So hope you're doing well and have a nice evening.

Okay 😮, I'm now 10.958 days on this earth 🎂😌.
😩 30s birthday of all things during Corona.

:-( Fluchtrööt; Corona; Pflegeheim 

Toll 😠 !! Jetzt hat es das Pflegeheim gegenüber von uns erwischt! Mehrer Bewohner haben Corona und das gesamte Heim ist unter Qurantäne. WARRUUM schaffen wir es nicht, die Altenheime vor dem Coronavirus zu schützen??? Im Frühjahr ging es doch auch!

I hope you are all well. Your everyday life is reasonably safe and not so exhausting. Especially with regard to the pre-Christmas period and your fellow men.

Auf jedem Fall jedem ganz viel Glück 🍀🎄 und eine gesegnete Vorweihnachtszeit. 🙂

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