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I guess I should post an since so many people are joining from the .

Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m an adult. I’m very shy, socially anxious, and introverted. I enjoy and spending way too much time on social media advocating for the many causes I believe in. Some of those causes are: human rights (including autistic rights and sex worker rights), privacy, and child sex abuse prevention (I volunteer for the child protection organization @ProstasiaInc as social media manager).

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As an unemployed autistic there are a number of ways you can support me (and my advocacy)

Here are some of my Referral links:

⛔ Blocking Policy

You are not entitled to my time and/or interaction. I will absolutely without hesitation block (or mute) bigots, harassers, and otherwise unpleasant people. Sorry not sorry!

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Lots of folks are creating new Mastodon instances, and I expect we'll see a new generation of admins learn how to handle CSAM, DMCA requests, etc.

What are the avenues for collective learning and peer support for instance operators?

Join us, other civil liberties groups, and concerned residents on Monday at 9:30 AM at City Hall to tell San Francisco: No Killer Robots!

Did you know that falsely reporting drawings and illustrations as CSAM makes it harder for actual abusive content to be identified and removed? The problem is so pervasive that @IWFhotline had to publicly ask people to stop filing false reports.

Timeline (especially federated) updating so fast you can't scroll through it? Turn on slow mode.

Thanks to higher character limits and the growing number of people who are moving to Mastodon and deleting their Twitters, some of our social media content is only available on Mastodon. Follow us there to make sure you don't miss anything!

If you're not following the big Hunter Biden news drop on the bird site... good news. You don't have to. It is truly the dumbest, least newsworthy nonsense I think I've ever seen.

To all Mastodon-admins: seems like there's an attack on all instances by troll accounts. Servers get slow because of it.
They use thousands of subdomains of My 'pull' queues skyrocketed.

I now blocked the domain and all is back to normal. Please check if you're hit too.

I liked this video “✈️ The Maddening Mess of Airport Codes! ✈️”

"I know how consent works in real life. I know how to get and give consent. I know that children can’t consent because they haven’t matured enough to be able to do so (nor do I have any sexual attraction to minors)."

What @Google didn't mention is that not only do they falsely flag drawings, but their AI falsely flags medical images

My team at work just launched new research on the #TwitterMigration: We analyze which platforms are growing - especially #Mastodon, #Tumblr & #Post.

We look at which sites users are adding to their Twitter bios, posting to their friends about & downloading apps for.

Please do boost this, and love to hear any comments or feedback on it!

Download it here:

@enbrown like he just assumed that old twitter must have been operating in bad faith, but here he is living their reality. Like you said: moderation is complicated and it's impossible to get it consistent and a lot of situations just don't even have a right answer at all

been seeing a lot of hype and fundraising around #ProjectMushroom and was pretty disappointed to see this.

How can you say you're "safe for work" then say "sex work is work" then say "no nudes"

Please let 🐦DeanBaker13 back on Twitter so we can explain to him why he is completely wrong about Section 230 ;-)

QT ceprdc: We are concerned about today's sudden and disturbing temporary suspension of CEPR Senior Economist Dean Baker’s Twitter account.

Hear from 🐦DeanBaker13 on what happened, and read CEPR's statement on the increasing trend of banning accounts that criticize the company’s new owner.

Everyone knew Ye would reoffend & shouldn't get his Twitter account back. But the Star of David/swastika image that got him resuspended isn't ILLEGAL "incitement to violence." It's not even close. Despite his free speech ambitions, Musk chose to remove lawful-but-awful content

As hate groups continue to disguise their bigotry as efforts to protect children, Prostasia's role as a child protection watchdog has never been more important. If you want to support this important work, consider becoming a member.

To be clear, this does not mean “no content moderation.” At all. That would be a disaster. It means content moderation should happen at the platform level (think: Facebook, mastodon, discord, Twitter) not at the infrastructure level (think: Comcast, cloudflare, PayPal, Tucows)

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