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Privacy-oriented services that will change your life 

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Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m an adult. I’m very shy, socially anxious, and introverted. I enjoy and spending way too much time on social media advocating for the many causes I believe in. Just a few of those causes are: , , (including the rights of autistic people & sex workers), criminal legal system reform, and child sex abuse prevention.

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Reporters: You are not allowed to have Russia fatigue. Get over yourselves and start doing your jobs.

Introducing usernames and phone number privacy on Signal!

We’re making it possible for people to connect with each other without having to share phone numbers. Now launching to beta users, available for everyone soon.

Mastodon PROTIP:

When someone posts a gift article to a paywalled site, you need to click on the text *URL* to get the correct gift link

The (default) link preview in Mastodon uses the canonical URL without the gift tags that bypass the paywall

#Mastodon #Paywall #Gifts #Links

Juries were of particular importance to the founders because juries (drawn from the population) was a safeguard against a tyrannical government.

Juries were so important to the founders that they are guaranteed in the Constitution itself, the Fifth Amendment (right to indictment by a grand jury), 6th amendment right to an impartial jury in criminal cases, and 7th Amendment right to jury trial in civil cases.


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Every sick disgusting Isreali piece of shit needs their empty head filled with lead & explosives #

Part 3 of "A Guide to Implementing ActivityPub in a Static Site (or Any Website)" is just out the oven!

In this blog post, I explain how to make your blog discoverable in the Fediverse as an account, and also address some of the annoying pitfalls I encountered.

Full article here:

If you like it don't forget to follow the @blog !

#fediverse #activitypub #static-sites #hugo #azure #mastodon #web-development #social-web #webfinger #http

: There are only TWO genders. Girls and

If you are currently pregnant or are planning to be pregnant, you have an obligation to humanity to abort if your fetus is a male

For , we recommend you contact your representatives and warn them to OPPOSE and the as they are censorship bills that would endanger everyone (especially the LGBTQ+ children!), NOT protect them.

"Why bother with Fedi if there's no built-in monetization?"

Have you considered that maybe this "monetize everything" mindset has been making large parts of the internet and society worse?

This is your semi-regular reminder that Prostasia's evidenced-based approach to preventing sexual abuse is only possible through the kindness of our supporters. And we are one of the few child protection organizations that welcome both LGBTQ+ and sex workers to be involved in the conversation of protecting children.

"Increasingly, congressional action and court opinions reflect concerns about controlling private thoughts rather than preventing and punishing direct harm."

Good news: now has a mastodon integration!

Bad news: It only works if you have an account on


A school district in Florida has banned the DICTIONARY.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In part because you had access to a DICTIONARY.

"Perhaps we should be asking for our teenagers for their consent and making negotiations about what we can and can’t post,” Harris continued."

When I say β€œMask up” because of covid, the act of masking up actually prevents the spread of a shit-ton of other diseases. So maybe join the chorus and sing the praises of masking up instead of being a reply guy. Thanks.

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"If the victim is a boy, it may be even more difficult to report abuse, as boys are taught that they're supposed to want sex and that they're only ever the aggressors and never the victims. The fear of shame and disbelief may stop them from disclosure."

It is essential to stop using Chrome.

Under the pretense of saving users from third-party spyware, Google is creating an ecosystem in which Chrome itself is the spyware.

Given Google's overwhelming presence in the browser market, this is unconscionable.

We should all despise the ad-tech business, and have no sympathy for the companies getting whacked by Google's actions. But we should not permit one monopolist to replace them all.

Historian begs Americans not to downplay Trump's threats to use the military against them

If Donald Trump becomes the 47th president, Presidential historian Michael Beschloss said he believes there is going to be a severe danger of instituting the Insurrection Act and putting soldiers on missions to police American soil.

During a rally in Iowa, the 2024 Republican frontrunner described the metropolises of New York City and Chicago as β€œcrime dens” and vowed to move fast to bring in the country's military might.

β€œThe next time, I’m not waiting," he said. "One of the things I did was let them run it and we’re going to show how bad a job they do,” he said. β€œWell, we did that. We don’t have to wait any longer.”

Beschloss says we should be taking Trump at his word.

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