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I guess I should post an since so many people are joining from the .

Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m an adult. I’m very shy, socially anxious, and introverted. I enjoy and spending way too much time on social media advocating for the many causes I believe in. Some of those causes are: human rights (including autistic rights and sex worker rights), privacy, and child sex abuse prevention (I volunteer for the child protection organization @ProstasiaInc as social media manager).

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As an unemployed autistic there are a number of ways you can support me (and my advocacy)

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You are not entitled to my time and/or interaction. I will absolutely without hesitation block (or mute) bigots, harassers, and otherwise unpleasant people. Sorry not sorry!

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I liked this video “This “Drama” Is Going To Get Someone Sued & Today’s News”

The idea that stigma enables abuse is a difficult one to understand, and even some experts struggle with the concept. However, the science is clear and the explanation can be simple. We discussed how stigma impedes prevention in a previous blog post:

If you as a user see something on another instance that shouldn't be here and the admins haven't heard of it yet then please use the forward option in your report if the admins are good people. Instance admins can't go through all the posts of the entire fediverse, especially if you're just subtooting about it.

I will probably get a lot of hate for saying this, but there hasn't been a single incident where a report to hasn't been processed. @freemo actually enforces the rules of his own instance. For urgent issues I can just give him a call and we'll resolve the issue together. Admins helping each other makes the fediverse a better place.

End-to-end encryption has been highlighted as a critical privacy measure for abortion seekers and providers since the reversal of Roe, and has long been a demand from groups including racial justice activists, LBGTQ+ folks, immigrants, and journalists.

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Now, we need 🐦Apple to secure the communications of its users by implementing the RCS messaging protocol for iMessage, which would allow texts between iPhone & Android users to be end-to-end encrypted. This is a non-negotiable next step.

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Despite law enforcement claims (& years of pressuring Apple to NOT end-to-end encrypt iCloud), encryption makes people more safe, not less safe. This will improve human rights & digital security globally, especially for people and communities that are already over-surveilled.

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Apple’s reputation as the pro-privacy tech company has long been at odds with the reality that iCloud backups aren’t secured by end-to-end encryption. This news means peoples’ personal messages, documents, and data will be secure from law enforcement, hackers, and Apple itself.

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Apple has finally killed its ill-conceived plan to scan photos for CSAM. This is a direct result of work by experts and activists. Speaking up is important and sometimes we win.

Long live Ukraine. (Fuck Putin!)

Bernd 🇪🇺 Hüttemann  
RT Great choice. Great cover. 🐦🔗:

"Terrifying into silence the people who do this work will only serve to make it easier for abuse to continue."

Primary prevention is less about reacting to sex abuse and more about knowing how and why abuse happens, and ensuring people receive the support they need before people harm children. Bystander intervention is one practical example of this.

I liked this video “The Truth About Jenna Ortega & this Wednesday Backlash, AI Made This Thumbnail, Georgia Runoff, &”

Further proof the #JCPA is just a mess and should NEVER be attached to must-pass legislation.

We need bills that *actually* support local indie journalism, and since they don't have one Congress should pass #AICOA and #OAMA instead.

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We especially need lgbtqia+ communities in safe states to start learning how to help. Since we have been in a safe state we realize that blue states activists who can get plugged in with red state activists should be doing that now because it’s coming to y’all’s front door too

I wrote about the #JCPA, how problematic it is for the open web, how corrupt it is... and also pondered whether or not Elon even realizes it's happening, even as it could have a big impact on Twitter's cash flow.


NEW: I wrote for about how Democrats are actively helping the far right advance a dangerous "protect the children" bill that will be used to attack LGBTQ youth, expand surveillance & censorship, and undermine human rights, while making kids less safe


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KOSA looks poised to move in the year end defense spending authorization. As ⁦@mmasnick⁩ details — again — it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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