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Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m an adult. I’m very shy, socially anxious, and introverted. I enjoy and spending way too much time on social media advocating for the many causes I believe in. Just a few of those causes are: , , (including the rights of autistic people & sex workers), criminal legal system reform, and child sex abuse prevention.

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"Shut out of online platforms, many sex workers went back to the street, where they’re at far greater risk of violence and exploitation."

Some people suggest cryptocurrency as a solution to the financial discrimination of sex workers. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is not immune from the financial discrimination that sex workers face. We need policy solutions, not tech solutions.

"As it stands, Facebook messages are being used to criminalize people seeking abortion care. If Big Tech’s surveillance operation links up with your car, things could get a lot worse." @team

I have to remember that, because #Mastodon doesn't have #algorithm curated feeds, I have to #boost / reblog interesting people more often. Liking their posts doesn't make them more visible.

Also, if you want to find new people, I use the #Welcome hashtag whenever I say hi to a new person who posted an #Introduction. I try to greet interesting people pretty frequently.

Love y'all! Keep being kind! 💜

"There are places where it’s safe to be queer, or a drag queen or trans at any age, and there are places in this country where it’s not. I mean, they're still debating whether we deserve to exist in certain parts of our country."

Do you have a passion for making the world (and children) safer? Come volunteer for Prostasia. Sex workers & LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply:

“You have to understand that Russia is not Putin. Tens of millions of Russians are against this criminal war. Many have relatives in Ukraine, and they feel their pain. This is a dark moment of our history, but the darkest moment always comes before dawn.”

My friend Dmitry Ivanov said these words, in English, to foreign journalists who came to the Moscow court where his trial was being held.

#Moscow #Russia #Ukraine #War #Media #Journalism #Protest #Putin

Only a small percentage of mandatory child abuse reports reveal actual maltreatment, and BIPOC families are more likely to be reported and end up in the child welfare system. This webinar discusses alternatives.

"No one should have to hand over their driver’s license just to access free websites. That’s why @eff opposes mandated age verification laws, no matter how well intentioned they may be."

If you wouldn't want your neighbor watching how your kid uses the internet through their window, then you should oppose "child protection" bills that would give the government expanded surveillance powers. Surveillance is always creepy--including when the government does it.

"I think we've learned this kind of the hard way in the trafficking world — to go down the path of fearmongering and sensationalism is actually harmful."

"This bill would seriously threaten freedom of expression on the internet and online creators’ ability to monetize content while additionally subjecting the companies that own popular tech platforms to far more frivolity in potential litigation."

Privacy-oriented services that will change your life 

🎉🎉Lawmakers in the House and Senate have officially re-introduced the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act of 2023, which would effectively ban law enforcement use of facial recognition in the United States.

Along with dozens of coalition partners and thousands of action takers, we've been calling on lawmakers to #BanFacialRecognition for years, because the tech is invasive, biased, and does more harm than good.

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There have been more stories of Black men being misidentified by facial recognition and wrongfully arrested. As 🐦SenMarkey says, these tools pose a personal threat to our civil liberties, a threat disproportionately felt by marginalized communities.

QT SenMarkey: In 2022, Alonzo Sawyer, a Black man from Maryland, was falsely identified and arrested for assaulting a bus driver and stealing her phone. He spent nine days in prison.

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From police tracking protesters to TSA scanning faces of travelers in airports, the tech is spreading. We have to stop this now. Congress must pass the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act to put an end to this terrible technology.

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Senate is currently holding a bipartisan hearing about how best to destroy the internet (not how it's framed, but that's what they're really trying to do). Incredibly frustrating how both Democrats and Republicans don't understand how what they're saying would destroy the open internet.

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