Twitter needs to hurry up & add ActivityPub support so I can follow & interact with the twitter people that I want to follow from my Mastodon account (currently: this account)

@JoshuaACasey I have a few arguments for that:

1. They won’t because they won’t be able to censor most instances.
2. They won’t because if more people find out about the fediverse alternatives, many of their addicted sheeple might wake up and switch. (no censorship/ads/user tracking)

Are there any plans for ActivityPub support? I’d imagine it could hurt their business

@JoshuaACasey I’ve read the thread. Jack speaks big words, but his steak in the company is less than 5%. The thread was literally describing Pied Pipper lulz. Idk man, Twitter’s revenue comes mainly from ads, and without content moderation, third party companies may not want to put their ads there. He sounds like he wants a proprietery version of activity pub, and somehow sell it? Idk, I’m not an oily snake working in business so not sure. Did he set up a company/project for that? I’m curious.

@OmegaVariant my original post was more just me being impatient about it taking so long

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