@freemo any idea why & Hyperspace desktop don’t seem to like

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@JoshuaACasey I think their app is just buggy and doesnt handle the ActivityPub standard probably (hard coded some things that shouldnt be hard coded).

If youd like i can bring up an instance of it on for you and then if it is buggy here i can tweak the code to get it to work for you.

@freemo that’s not necessary. I’m just trying to find solutions that will allow me to be logged into 2 different accounts on the same instance at the same time (I own the @ProstasiaInc account)


two different accounts on the same instance (for that you can use private browser tabs). Or seperate instances? For that you can just use two seperate but normal browser tabs.


@freemo ya, 2 accounts on the same instance. yeah, using an incognito window is my current (hopefully temporary) solution, but it would be nice to not have to keep an incognito window open

@JoshuaACasey I see… generally people dont have need to have 2 accounts on the same instance so I never ran into that. Out of curiosity why do you want two accounts on QOTO (I have no objection to it)

@freemo I’m a volunteer social media manager for a child sex abuse prevention org. With the recent twitter exodus, we decided it was probably a good idea to get a mastodon account so people can follow us on mastodon. I already had a personal account here, (and I like that this instance is pro-free speech and pro-science) which is why I recommended this one

@JoshuaACasey Ahhh I see, that makes sense… Im not sure of any other solutions off hand than the ones Imentioned… You could try using a non-web based UI like an android app or even a desktop app if one exists.

@freemo the official mastodon android app does work. One of the screenshots I posted in the original toot was the hyperspace desktop app which seems to complain

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