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Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m an adult (yes, we exist!). I’m a shy, socially anxious introvert that enjoys video games. When I’m not playing video games or sleeping I enjoy spending way too much time on social media (mostly Twitter) advocating for the many things I am passionate about, including human rights, free speech, privacy, child sexual abuse prevention, the climate crisis, criminal legal system reform, and probably others that I can’t think of right now.

📱 Contact me

  • Email: joshua@joshuacasey.net
  • @session: 0500549cc2681106711027708b4b3ff0157c3ded96cc4f3e524ecfeb196c75cc21
  • Element: JoshuaACasey:matrix.org
  • Telegram: t.me/JoshuaACasey
  • @keybase: keybase.io/JoshuaCasey

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