@yes @p @admin @safeandsane @siinclaiir @sjw @lanodan @Moon false. privacy is a human right – that means every single human being, no exceptions.

@nate_river Unfortunately I don’t think CSEM will ever stop existing. Sure, we can certainly prevent future CSEM from being made. But the stuff that already exists will always exist because of the nature of how media works.

oh boy, playing with fire today apparently. Someone included “protect all kids” in a tweet. So I replied with something along the lines of “yes, we should protect all kids. That includes protecting the pedophilic kids. prostasia.org/blog/we-have-to-

@Azraeil kinda sad that I’ve never been included in any callout threads or videos. You’d think an ally that uses their real name & face on the Internet would be a prime target for these ignorant fucks.

@timokoesters I’m aware of that list. I don’t know how to use them though which was the point of my post

Question for anyone that has used Matrix/Element more than I have. I want to fuck around and try out the different bridges. But the only ones I see listed are IRC & Slack. But I’m not really interested in those, I would love to try out the bridges for Telegram/Twitter/Instagram/Email/Discord/Signal

Several Sacramento legislators indicate they plan to vote no on SB 4/AB 14, bills to solidify CA's new universal fiber program, due to cable industry opposition. Urge your legislators to vote yes and stand up for Californians who need reliable internet. act.eff.org/action/california-

NYPD used face surveillance to identify a speaker at a protest for Black lives, then sent dozens of armed officers to arrest him at his home. Police must stop using face surveillance. nytimes.com/2021/09/08/nyregio

@anonny125 Personally, I believe that the lgbt movement USED to be a Civil Rights Movement. But then, at some point, it transformed from a Civil Rights Movement into a Cult. (which is why I don’t really support it because I don’t like cults)

@nate_river on the subject of stereotypes: stop stereotyping autistics, too.

@KayFaraday @SobekPalude @satori most (about ~80%) people that sexually abuse children are not attracted to pre-pubescent children (and therefore, by definition, are not pedophiles)

also: rape is not about sex or attraction. Rape is about power and control. It’s, for example, the reason why straight men in prison rape other men.

@SobekPalude @satori Epstein was a predator, a child abuser, not a pedo.

Please don’t misuse the word pedophile as a synonym for child sexual abuser. Public health experts warn that doing so misleads the public about the causes of abuse, and impedes prevention.

@darkpasques @satori not just texas though. The US in general. Florida and Tennesse (and I think maybe Alabama?) has banned sex toys (“child-like sex dolls”). Imagine the idiocy of treating a sex toy like it’s an actual human being. It would be nice if they focused on REAL CHILDREN instead of focusing on THOUGHT-CRIMES and INANIMATE OBJECTS

@nate_river I wish I saved it. But I read something that like 90% of men (and probably women too, but women are rarely if ever included in studies about sexuality 🙄) experience ephebophilic attraction (eg attraction to post-pubescent individuals, so about roughly ages 15-19)

@nate_river controversial opinion: I don’t consider ephebophilia “not normal”. It’s quite “normal” and common for post-pubescent people to be attracted to other post-pubescent people. (Hate the word “normal” but using it for lack of another word)

Artists are losing their financial lifelines as OnlyFans caves to the whims and moral standards of financial institutions. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/08/only

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