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That's right, links, not link.

We're adding support for multiple profile links, and they will be compatible with Mastodon too!

But wait, there's more! We're also adding rel="me" support to allow users to self verify ownership and display a distinct badge across our web and mobile UIs!

Thanks for the idea @Mastodon 😁

"The two bills here aim to protect victims of online child sexual abuse but heavily misfire by making the internet less safe by implicating E2EE technology." rstreet.org/commentary/the-pus

"I am personally and professionally dedicated to child protection", writes our new Executive Director, @DrGTenbergen. Read the rest of her message in our new brochure. prostasia.org/publications/bro

"with KOSA, again you have Democrats naively (and incorrectly) believing that because it’s called the “Kids Online Safety Bill” it will magically protect children, even though tons of experts have made it clear it will actually put them at greater risk." techdirt.com/2023/05/24/herita

As child protection experts face growing threats to their work and safety, the appointment of Dr. Gilian Tenbergen as the Prostasia Foundation's next executive director ensures our commitment to supporting this important research is steadfast. prostasia.org/media/?email_id=

Prior to her new role at the Prostasia Foundation, Dr. Gilian Tenbergen worked alongside several other sexual violence prevention groups, including Prevention Project Dunkelfeld, the New York State Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse, and the New York State Alliance for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse. prostasia.org/media/?email_id=

As an experienced researcher, an expert in sexual violence prevention, and a mother, Dr. Gilian Tenbergen knows how important it is to get child protection right. We're excited to work with her to create a world where all children are safe from harm. Welcome to the team @DrGTenbergen prostasia.org/?na=archive&emai

We're thrilled to announce that @DrGTenbergen will serve as the Prostasia Foundation's next Executive Director. With over a decade of experience as a renowned child protection researcher and an unwavering commitment to upholding human rights, Dr. Tenbergen's leadership will set the stage for a new era in our groundbreaking work. prostasia.org/?na=archive&emai

Unbelievable double-think happening here. The UK government is going full-throttle in its war on encryption, with the Online Safety Bill the vanguard in exposing the security of everyone's device.

Encryption protects us from cyber-criminals, keeps our messages private, and stops governments and corporations from spying on us. It is online safety for kids and everyone.

✍️ Sign our petition to save encryption: thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/take

#e2ee #encryption #ukpolitics


Roles & Parental Controls

This is my next @NGIZero milestone, and will allow admins to define roles and permissions for all users, as well as allow users to manage permissions of another account (Parental Controls)!

"Trust levels" are another exciting aspect, where admins can define roles with limits that are applied based on thresholds, similar to Discourse Trust Levels


#pixelfed #pixeldev #roles #parentalControls

A Kentucky man accused of shooting his roommate who ate the last Hot Pocket has been charged with felony assault. nbcnews.com/news/us-news/kentu

Introducing the new Proton Family plan! Protect the privacy of your loved ones with end-to-end #encryption.
✅ Up to 6 members
✅ 3 TB shared storage
✅ Access to all premium services,
✅ Coming soon: #ProtonPass

Starts at $19.99/month

Not only about free speech, freedom of expression is also a right to receive information without interference.

The Online Safety Bill threatens both. Prior restraint provisions will wipe out speech before it takes place, shrinking the public realm.

👉 Take action to defend democratic expression: action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

#OnlineSafetyBill #censorship #freespeech #ukpolitics

@simplelogin I voted browser extension. But honestly I mostly just manually type: website-name@custom.domain

My feed 3 weeks ago: Bluesky isn’t using ActivityPub, this is unnecessary fragmentation. We already have a perfectly good protocol.

Instagram: Adopts ActivityPub.

My feed today: Noo big tech isn’t allowed to use our open source protocol. We must defederate them.

@asahi95 anyone that wants to be a part of the fediverse should be welcomed with open arms (mostly referring to individuals). If they choose a facebook-owned instance – I refuse to call facebook “meta”– that’s their choice.

⚠️ The Online Safety Bill would "make Britain a global role model for repressive regimes."

@Mer__edith, President of @signalapp, calls out the proposals that'll lead to "government-mandated mass surveillance applications on every UK smartphone."

#OnlineSafetyBill #DontScanMe #StopTheSpyClause #privacy #surveillance


@koyu I did not know the 2DS has mismatched screen sizes. I hate it.

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