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@eff This law is dangerous to internet speech, privacy, security, and competition. We hope our friends in the Great White North agree, and raise their voices to send it to the scrap heap of bad internet ideas from around the globe.

@eff This is dangerous for everyone, but especially marginalized groups. Faced with expansive and vague moderation obligations, little time for analysis, and major legal consequences if they guess wrong, companies inevitably over censor—and users pay the price.

Police to begin regular, warrant-free searches of homes for child abuse material

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Tutanota offers true end-to-end encryption and not encryption that will "allow companies to read and analyze data while keeping it encrypted to protect information from cybersecurity dangers and to maintain privacy." Just say 'No!' to Big Tech!

Recently, Apple unveiled plans to participate in mass surveillance by breaking their end-to-end encryption in iMessage and using machine learning in collaboration with law enforcement to detect and report people to the police for harbouring unlawful sexual images.

This means that US law enforcement will be conducting automated investigations on every person who stores an image on an iPhone and will have the means to read every message sent between iPhone users, which police were previously unable to read.

Don’t let the hysteria fool you into thinking that this will help ‘protect children’ – it will not. Malicious governments have been using the ‘protect children’ excuse to invade people’s privacy and expand surveillance for decades. Stop falling for it.

Stand up for your right to privacy and defend it.

This is really interesting. They colorized a photo by overlaying some lines in a grid and ONLY adding color to the lines but over-saturating the color. The rest of the image is black and white.

The result is that at a distance or in the thumbnail it just looks like an ordinary color photo. It is only when you look up close you notice what is going on.


Attending a peaceful protest can contribute to positive changes for society, but it can also put you at risk of doxxing or other privacy violations. Read our tips for protecting your privacy at protests:


Governments deploy spyware against journalists, lawyers, and activists--and governments also harbor those companies profiting off those services. It's time to get serious about remedies and prevention. #PegasusProject

Twitter needs to hurry up & add ActivityPub support so I can follow & interact with the twitter people that I want to follow from my Mastodon account (currently: this account)

Very often, police officers would prefer not to be recorded. And while they can’t legally stop someone from recording, copyright allows these cops to brute force their way past the First Amendment.

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What exactly is "legal but harmful content"? UK's draft Online Safety Bill doesn't provide a clear answer and will thus lead to arbitrary content moderation.

🚀 #Nasa has greatly expanded its #software package, which is #free for users to download and use. Over 800 programs are now available for free.

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What is Mastodon?

The social network of the future: No ads, no corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralization!

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EFF joined a broad coalition of local and national groups to support this ban. Government face surveillance threatens personal privacy, political and religious expression, and the fundamental freedom to live our lives without being covertly monitored.

“Content that doesn’t violate Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter standards can get swept away by automated tools” - @jilliancyork spoke to @thomsonreuters about the censorship of Palestinian content

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