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Did we learn nothing from losing tumblr? App Store has not stopped demanding sites censor sexuality


This will hurt way more trans people!!



The word “groomer” is not against the App Store terms of service. Trans people posting nudes is.

This content encouraging violence is also all over the mainstream news and much more populous sites like facebook. Removing the one platform left for sex workers won’t stop it.



People can’t seem to see it in the moment but we have much more to lose by twitter going down than we have to gain. Very few people, in their outrage, are demanding human rights inclusive standards from the App Store or moderators. We have so much to lose



97% of online sex workers rely on twitter. The killer was radicalized on sites like 4chan. They will still have facebook groups and discord.

But his victims don’t really use those platforms - Daniel Aston’s last post was a nude on twitter!



No! Non-sex working trans people need to stop suggesting App Store removal!

The Nazis will still be all over Fox News, but we will not only have trouble accessing our main tool to organize against them, but endless sex workers will be destabilized.


Your donations allow us to host educational events, giving more people the information they need to keep kids safe in their communities.

The Supreme Court case Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition is trending again after a certain alt-right influencer launched a conspiracy theory about a luxury brand photoshoot. Here are the facts about the case:

Spoke briefly to Politico about the growing opposition to #KOSA, the poorly named “Kids Online Safety Act,” which would make kids less safe, not more safe, by exposing them to surveillance and cutting them off from online resources and community. It’s especially harmful for #LGBTQ youth who are already facing unprecedented attacks. Congress needs to stop using kids as pawns to score political points and pass real laws to rein in #BigTech and reduce harm.

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🚨URGENT🚨 - Act now to keep a bad bill off must-pass legislation. will make vulnerable kids less safe

Step 1: Use the link below to email your lawmakers.

Step 2: Call 508-761-1268 and tell Sen. Schumer that will lead to more surveillance and won't keep kids safe.

I liked this video “The Truth About THAT Video, Belle Delphine, Hero Richard Fierro, Maricopa, Iran, & More”

Your donations allow us to finance child protection research, providing more accurate insights for those working to implement child safeguarding programs in the field.

Fight for the Future, the ACLU, EFF, and a bunch of other groups are circulating a sign-on letter agains the inclusion of #KOSA in the omnibus bill. Contact me evan at fight for the future dot org to sign on

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These three paragraphs from an article about the wave of jail deaths sweeping the United States will teach you more about the criminal punishment system than anything I've ever posted.


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Really frustrating to see an entire @washingtonpost write up on the Kids Online Safety Act () that doesn’t include any of the concerns that have been repeatedly raised by LGBTQ+, free expression and privacy advocates.

Japanese art site Pixiv announces it will be disallowing taboo artwork due to pressure from payment companies.

Lubbock, TX: Fake End Demand (Nordic / Equality Model) sting results in felony arrests that do not prevent or deter abuse, exploitation or trafficking.

Virginia Beach: Fake End Demand (Nordic/Equality Model) sting feeds the policing and surveillance industry. It does nothing to prevent abuse, exploitation or trafficking.

I liked this video “Andrew Tate vs Alex Jones vs Ethan Klein, Amouranth Controversy, The Truth About World Cup Backlash”

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