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"“Sex workers, our clients, our friends, cab drivers, nannies; we are all implicated as being part of or related to the ‘sex trafficking industry’ now,” ESPLER observes in the report"

A Native American tribal ISP seems to be handing out AppleTVs to users in exchange for their Roku devices after discovering that 71% of their IPv4 traffic was Roku-related, and deciding that this would actually be the cheaper solution.


"Adult entertainment companies and mainstream social media networks do more to fight CSAM and other exploitative content on their platforms than religious organizations such as NCOSE."

If you're building social media for humans, you need to thwart the impulse to treat it like a video game.

That means reducing the gamification aspects that make Big Social so addictive.

Instead, authenticity of social interactions needs to be prized above all else.

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This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are waiting for a viable Twitter alternative but are not actively making that alternative, there will be no alternative.

Today on Techdirt I wrote about two newly proposed state laws, one from the Texas GOP and one from the Florida GOP, both of which are blatantly, laughably unconstitutional attacks on free speech and the first amendment in pursuit of culture war nonsense. But never let the GOP claim that they support the 1st Amendment when they constantly pull shit like this.

"A ban on TikTok would be like banning a newspaper or TV channel, but worse," our staff attorney Ramya Krishnan tells the Washington Post. "It would shut down a channel of communication that tens of millions of Americans use to share information and ideas every day." More here:

"It is therefore not surprising that research finds little evidence to support Kennedy's assumption that publicly accessible registries protect potential victims."

"Bureaucratic sex creep is a term used to define the enlargement of bureaucratic regulation of an individual’s sexual conduct that is voluntary, non-harassing, nonviolent, and ultimately causes no harm to other individuals."

Join us in the fight against child sexual abuse! Your donations will help us create a safer future for our children.

Punching Nazis is not good enough. Use a baseball bat to inflict as much damage and disfigurement so people will be able to recognize the Nazis when people see them.

Bailiffs forcibly entered a student home and installed a pre-payment energy meter after accommodation firm UniHomes seemingly failed to pass on the household’s payments to the energy supplier.

UniHomes offers packages in which students’ rent, energy and Wi-Fi bills are rolled into one fixed-price payment.

But #students at several universities say that they’ve been threatened by bailiffs, debt collectors and energy companies – despite having paid Unihomes.

#UKnews #UK

OPINION: From the earliest reports of Shamima Begum’s journey to Syria in 2015, one thing has been obvious to every human trafficking professional. Begum should have been recognised as a victim of human trafficking from the outset.

Smuggling a 15-year-old girl over the Turkish-Syrian border in order to make her the child ‘bride’ of an #ISIS combatant is a textbook example of child #trafficking for the purpose of sexual #exploitation.


I’m open to the idea that not all media outlets have just turned into clickbait, but damned if that’s not going to be an increasingly tough battle…

I am seeing evidence that deactivated Twitter handles are being reused within about a month of deactivation. If you're leaving Twitter, lock your account, delete your tweets and sign out of all devices, rather than deleting your account entirely.

Last night the 11yo broke down the Google Slides middle school Chatroom for me:

1. At first they used a Google doc but the infinite scroll was too chaotic
2. In the slide deck each new slide is one “post”—some all text, some images, some both—
3. They use slides’ comments feature to “reply” to each other’s “posts”
4. This allows participants to easily flip between posts using the slide thumbnail navigation, so they can find the conversations they care about easily
5. He owns the file & if anyone spams it, deletes other people’s posts, or gets nasty, he can revert the file to its previous save state & remove the spammer’s access
6. He did share the file with me on purpose, I think because he was proud & wanted me to see what he’d made

Essentially they’ve created a chatroom with moderation in Google Slides, so they can get around the school’s ban on platforms like Discord. It’s kind of brilliant

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"Luckily, the majority of the justices expressed no aggressive interest in completely gutting Section 230 because of the potential large-scale economic implications on tech and the internet."

Here are four different ways you can send large files securely:

🔐 Secure cloud storage like #ProtonDrive
🔐 File transfer services
🔐 File Transfer Protocol Secure
🔐 Removable storage

Learn more about sending large files securely here:

Twitter: "Hi, we're run by a cryptofascist who reinstates the accounts of literal nazis while suspending those of press. We'll keep randomly taking away features with no notice and limiting your visibility until you pay us a monthly fee, which you can only do in a handful of countries. Vaccines are bad, the election was rigged, and we love Putin!"

Mastodon: "Hi! You need to choose a server and our DM UX is a little iffy."


To all our new followers over the past few weeks: welcome. If you're looking to get involved in efforts to prevent abuse while defending human rights, you can find information about different ways to support us here:

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