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The state of Florida put this family through sadistic torture to force the birth of an infant with no chance of survival.

Will the state pay the medical bills that their "insurance" rejected? Yeah, right.

Cruelty on top of cruelty.

Eventually you'll defederate so many instances you'll have the perfect community of yourself.

"Since 2010, France has monitored and stored data on millions of internet users as part of anti-piracy scheme featuring warning letters, fines, and ISP disconnections. Europe's highest court will soon decide whether the program is permissible under EU law. Digital rights groups insist that as a general surveillance and data retention scheme, it violates fundamental rights."

The Internet should NOT be…

🚫 Shut down ahead of elections or school exams.
🚫 Controlled by corporations and governments.
🚫 Used to undermine societies and economies.

Preserving an open, globally secure, connected, and trustworthy #Internet is in everyone’s best interest.

#InternetAccess #KeepItOn

VPNs can protect you, but it’s important to know their limits.

VPNs can:
✅ Hide your IP address from websites
✅ Prevent your ISP and gov't from tracking you
✅ P2P peers can’t track you by IP address

VPNs cannot:
⚠️ Keep you fully anonymous online
⚠️ Bypass bandwidth throttling
⚠️ Defeat sophisticated censorship

In the article below, we evaluate who can potentially track you when using a VPN – from P2P peers to Google to your employer. Learn more:

The law could significantly reduce rates of abuse, but the U.S. House of Representatives has failed to pass it twice. Join us in telling Congress to take a stance against abuse and pass the bill.

If we want to prevent abuse, we need people who are brave enough to have hard conversations about why it happens. The Prostasia Foundation exists to bring those people together. You can join the conversation in our forum:

"Age verification mandates serve three functions: surveillance, intimidation, and social control. It is point-blank unacceptable to commit people to verifying their ages or identities in the name of safeguarding the digital well-being of young people."

🔎🗓️ Encrypted calendar search is now available in the Proton Calendar #beta app for #Android.

This is made possible by creating and storing a local index of your events on your phone, so that Proton cannot see the details of your events.

👉 Try it now:

What’s legal to say should be legal to type. A government regulator shouldn’t control speech, whether online or offline. The Online Safety Bill will change that.

If views blink out of existence before they appear, democratic expression becomes muted.

👉 Join our campaign:

#OnlineSafetyBill #censorship #freespeech #ukpolitics

Anti-democratic legislation attacks our ability to engage in public debate.

From the Public Order Act to the Online Safety Bill, the government is leveraging powers to contain protest from IRL to URL.

Online platforms are public spaces for democratic discussion. The Online Safety Bill could threaten the circulation of images, videos or text concerning public protests on social media.

#OnlineSafetyBill #censorship #freespeech #ukpolitics

The fight to protect children is one we can only win together. That's why we work to ensure queer people are always represented in our leadership and encourage other organizations to do the same. Happy International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia from Prostasia

"The end result of laws requiring parental consent would be a huge number of young people—particularly the most vulnerable—losing access to these platforms, solely because they cannot satisfy the arbitrary requirements necessary."

"When our words, personal photos, and videos are screened for compliance with state-mandated criteria, this interferes with our rights to free speech online."

“I don’t think they always understand what age verification could mean in terms of government surveillance, identity theft, and the burdens that come for an adult trying to access legal content.”

You know what I haven't seen on Mastodon since I joined? Ads.

What's funny is I can't remember ever intentionally clicking through on a Twitter ad in over a decade. Yet, I have monthly recurring payments setup to support multiple Mastodon instances. Funny that.

P.S. Tip your admins.

PSA: It looks like has implemented hCAPTCHA on their signups yesterday.

So, if you have limited / suspended because of the spam issue, you may wish to reconsider this.

This will also likely mean that spammers will move to different instances (already seeing them targeting

You may wish to consider implementing hCAPTCHA yourself to protect your own instance, and here is the relevant PR:

The reason I'm suggesting this, is because if you are a small/medium instance with open registrations, and spammers find and abuse your instance, I imagine that other instances will limit/suspend your instance without hesitation, given how willing some were to limit/suspend the much larger

But do note this comment on the PR:

“To give some context to people seeing this: this is an emergency feature backport from Glitch SOC to help mitigating an ongoing spam wave, this feature may not make it in a next release, or with significative changes.”

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #fediblock

We filed the complaint because health websites can collect sensitive data about us, and we would expect them to be 100% transparent about what happens to our data, and give us control over what is shared about us.

Doctissimo was not doing this.

In this case, Doctissimo was placing cookies on people’s browsers without collecting consent, liberally sharing people’s sensitive data with 557 partners.

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