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Elections and tax season only remind me that government is just organized crime with extra steps. Super organized... except not really. Convoluted crime? Legalized crime?

Winterlude was pretty underwhelming this year. At least, I don't have to shovel anymore.

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Does anyone still have a Nvidia Shield tablet? Apparently, the "Optimized" power plan doesn't idle properly. I'm wondering what "Custom" settings I should use.

I need more local friends to go see anime films with me.

I don't mind if people curse, but there is a vague limit when I start to think they don't know enough adjectives.

I'm genuinely going to miss Windows Phone.

It got cold again, and today's like shovelling tortilla chips. I can't eat these either!

It's like shovelling Slush Puppy out there, except it's not delicious and instead mixed with salty mud.

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"Stop. Collecting. Everyone’s. Personal. Browsing. Data. On. Every. Website."

I finally got my library "Checked Out" list under 50 items. Sometimes, I think that their move to unlimited checkouts may not have been the best move. At the same time, I don't want to ever give it up.

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I'm okay with more snow, as long as it stays cold. I don't want to be shoveling 30 cm of ice cream, at least not unless it's actually delicious.

Look at all these anime bots. Disgusting... *clicks to follow*

The Android tablet scene hasn't progressed very much over the years, has it? I wonder if anyone is still developing custom ROMs for he Xoom.

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Oh great, Wunderlist and my alumni email also need migrating soon. I really hope I'm not forgetting anything.

Ride Your Wave is the third anime I've watched in the last six months that has involved fire fighting. Comfy film, even if it was a bit more "normal" than I expected.

Apologies. It seems I was unable to migrate all the contacts, so please excuse me if I repeatedly requested to follow you while I was trying to figure out what was going on.

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