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MasterOfTheTiger (QOTO)

"Give a man a match he will be warm for a minute, light a man on fire he will be warm for the rest of his life" -- The Osiris Child

How do I get high resolution displays and desktop environments to work together without having everything so tiny?

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I am done writing for today. I am close to being caught up for my writing goal! I have written 3,028 words today, which makes 21,052 total.

I hope to catch up tomorrow, and if that does not work, at least before the halfway mark.

Now that I think of it, I am surprised that I am already almost halfway. My book is nowhere near that part yet (I still feel like I am in the beginning). I will surely be writing after NaNoWriMo ends!

18,024 words total! 2,093 today. I did a lot of work to get that far.

Good luck to everyone else doing NaNoWriMo, I hope to catch up before it ends (I really want to get to 50k).

A chapter of my book. 10,000 words. Qoto supports insane lengths of toots. Show more

A chapter of my book. 10,000 words. Qoto supports insane lengths of toots. Show more

The Sol system was an experiment by aliens to determine if life would evolve under hyper hostile physics. Unfortunately, it was forgotten about. Years later, humans are leaving the solar system, only to discover that upon passing an invisible barrier, they essentially gain superpowers.
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I believe that ActivityPub is really the future. Diaspora* is neat, but the diaspora* protocol is not nearly as widespread as ActivityPub. Friendica might be a great medium.

Simple. Web companies don't exist to give you content; they exist to send you ads. Any other idea is merely a delusion.

Sometime we were fooled with the idea of FREE CONTENT, and flew to it like flies to honey. Instead, they caught us in a trap of adverts and cookies and trackers. Before we knew it, power shifted from service providers to advertisers.

WE put them in power. WE sold our souls to them, WE clicked on "agree". It was us who ruined the web.

Openbook is an interesting idea, but they do not see the value of decentralization I guess.

@freemo Where do you keep the code for Qoto? All the source code links go to toosuite/mastodon, but you modified the code for here so...

@aral My all-time favorites:

* Nobody cares about privacy
* Nobody will pay for privacy
* "I've got nothing to hide"
* Only criminals need encryption
* "There are checks and balances in place" (for privacy invading legislation)

I just set up account migration. Now my old account at redirects here!

You can see a demo of my minimal, brutalist no-JS Mastodon front-end running on my home server:

Or, if you fancy a bit more grunt, you can clone it and run it for your own instances :)

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