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linux: just type the name of the package into the terminal and it'll automatically download and install uwu
windows: go to the program website, find the download link, download the .exe, launch the installer and wait for 349534 hours for the installl to finish and then do it for 20 other programs

why is windows the industry standard tbh

🦄 2019 goals 🦄

- Write more blog posts
- Exercise and play badminton again
- Less Twitter
- Open-source my dotfiles
- PR queue zero
- Finish projects in my `todo` directory
- Read more books
- Get 8+ hours of sleep every night
- Ship 3 more macOS apps
- Do my 2018 goals 🙄

I just got an Ethernet to USB adapter. Soon I might install vanilla on my main laptop. But is working fine for me now.

@zath is an awesome dude. If only he posted on Mastodon more often.

And @zath, upload your icon!

@zath said this:

"when you board the plane to australia
the plane air is filled with drugs
so when you land youre actually going to new zealand
but they make you think its australia"

Everyone remember what Christmas is about. It is about God the Son, who came to Earth to die, so we may be reconciled with God.

This is an open letter to "Steingard & Testa Medical Associates" located in south philly. Please everyone **reshare** this so it reaches as many as possible. This doctor was my doctor of 5 years and was so cruel and self serving they pushed me to severe risk and trauma because they refused to help me when I needed medical attention most... Show more

I want to localize my Electron app, but I really do not know where to start. I have someone willing to translate it into French, but I don't know how to do that on the code side.

Wireless isn't working on Arch Linux for me...

I finished installing one of my laptops. Right now I am working on setting things up. I just added my user to sudo.

LibreCheck software announcement. CW-ed because of length. Show more

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