Genuinely curious why abortion is the hill to die on, rather than something like free contraceptives. I doubt it's provable, but I don't really feel like the amount of abortions happening is equal to the number of "breakthrough cases" where a contraceptive didn't work or cases of rape/incest. So in my (possibly very flawed) perception, abortion is used a lot as Plan A instead of Plan B, C, or D. Also, if you super duper whuper really hate the idea of kids, then...permanent sterilization? I don't know. My social bubble just doesn't have an opposing point of view for me to consider on this.

I don't agree with 100% banning it, because there are gray areas. In my mind, beating it with a bible isn't really any better than the other extreme of viewing a potential human life as an annoying parasite. I think devaluing life is a dark path and should be avoided.

A large barred owl with a severely damaged wing showed up on our property, but unfortunately wasn't able to be saved. I wish we'd found it sooner.

I took this photo while we waited for the Game Warden to arrive. I didn't want to stress the owl further or get injured, so we called the pros. You do NOT feel like the top of the food chain around these birds.

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What is this? Some kind of cognitive dissonance? Multiple people and companies selling your data, your profile, and constantly manipulating your emotions is totally okay, but Musk doing it isn't? What does Wired think will happen here? I'm pretty sure there's a "no takesies backsies" clause in the sale contract.

Don't forget to apply for Official Mastodon Universal Fediverse Verified Status at THIS? THIS is the thing that made you quit the bird?


Chronological timeline about to make y'all its bitch.

If Biden ever gives a speech on the evils of me having foursomes with morally corrupt supermodels, I'm going to shave and free up my schedule the next day.

Anybody know what's going on with NewPipe? I keep getting a captcha request that leads to a 405 error. My assumption is that Scroogle is up to their usual shenanigans.

Dude is spineless and deleted the post. Typical.

But someone was nice enough to get a screen grab. :blobcathighfive:

And while I'm talking about ham radio, everyone should know this exists:

If you don't understand, you haven't spent enough time listening to ham radio.

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Geriatric virtue-signaling ham radio operators pause discussion of various cancers and colon problems to concentrate on making it hard to look up selfies of Russian men with various cancers and colon problems in order to destroy Putin and free the planet from the grip of tyranny.

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If this word matters to you, please take 30 seconds and read this:


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Placing my bets on "Russia is the good guy" because the MSM says "Russia is the bad guy."

I'm about 19/20 using this strategy so far. We'll see if they're as full of crap on geopolitical strife as they are on everything else.

In other news, the 10m ham band is firing up during the day. I'm making FT8 contacts in Europe on 5W and a wire. It's like the good old days again.

It's always interesting to see how many people want a thing without any thought for how the thing will be used against them in the future.

For example, "misinformation" must be eliminated.

Guess what,'re a few angry redneck votes away from being the spreaders of "misinformation."

Want Rogan removed? No problem. Guess what's happening to Oprah in 3 years.

Then...Ha! We finally got that loser Oprah fired! Uh-oh, Hillary just got elected. 70 years in the gulag for Chappelle.

So on and so forth.

It's always been this way, tit-for-tat, and still people cannot get it through their heads that they need to seek out another way to find internal peace or whatever. Hitting it with a hammer only works as long as you have the hammer...and nails hold a grudge.

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Ergo, if development effort was put into making homeservers as easy to set up as a set-top box, people maybe would run their own servers.

So they never will? If we push for sane decentralization with solid tech for at home, they might just in the future.

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I'm starting to think Whoopi Goldberg might be out of touch with reality a little bit.

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