Placing my bets on "Russia is the good guy" because the MSM says "Russia is the bad guy."

I'm about 19/20 using this strategy so far. We'll see if they're as full of crap on geopolitical strife as they are on everything else.

War and decision making - who is good and who is bad... 

@MRECheese TLDR for those that can't read (!)
- War and Business go together.
- Business is war from way banks and government do things
- THIS business stuff (war) is the decision making EVEN ON DILUTED OR LOWER LEVELS (small financial wars = BIG wars)

I like what you said in theory though would be good (and is needed I'd say) to track your score and map you outcomes - like which scored correct for you and for what...
and then people will really believe you a whole lot more (not that they don't) - just some personal experience and historical facts and trails out make it clearer...

so you're welcome to write what happened and how you were right...

For me, especially when something is bad at the beginning and then good (something like Bitcoin) it show the shift in decision making and movement -
some examples:

BITCOIN for Gov't = BAD
- maybe makes Gov't feel powerless / does not supporting sovereign people and their own curency
THEN aha BITCOIN OK - Banks react start regulating, realise coadapting is more profitable and regains that power in some time

or example

THIS MAN/COUTNRY IS BAD and then some business deals become suddenly
'We are working with XYZ / they now support us / we are giving arms to them to fight this other enemy of ours and then we will deal with this man/country!'

Overall I believe and calculate all business is bad ! The whole design is a government vocab...

Basically the top down matrices and IN-actions (what is cuts out) as well as monetary war on people... is 100% purposely done like a well oiled machine developed over the ages, go left go right, no straights. Ultimatums and funnelling.

More than that needs longer conversation but most people know it and just need to find a way NOT to do business and therefore not help banks and gov'ts etc etc etc and les money will be for war and overall will be reduced and more honest and loving :) (yes some will also die in this process but that's what you get naturally and from expanding on such false premise)....


@freeschool I won't make a list for two reasons:

- I don't wish to engage with anyone who can't/won't acknowledge my underlying message because they want to dispute the numerical representation of my distrust in media.

- I don't have the thumb stamina.

Also, I didn't forget I still owe you a voice chat. Family/work has kept me busier than expected. You brought up all kinds of good stuff to talk about.

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