Genuinely curious why abortion is the hill to die on, rather than something like free contraceptives. I doubt it's provable, but I don't really feel like the amount of abortions happening is equal to the number of "breakthrough cases" where a contraceptive didn't work or cases of rape/incest. So in my (possibly very flawed) perception, abortion is used a lot as Plan A instead of Plan B, C, or D. Also, if you super duper whuper really hate the idea of kids, then...permanent sterilization? I don't know. My social bubble just doesn't have an opposing point of view for me to consider on this.

I don't agree with 100% banning it, because there are gray areas. In my mind, beating it with a bible isn't really any better than the other extreme of viewing a potential human life as an annoying parasite. I think devaluing life is a dark path and should be avoided.


So in my (possibly very flawed) perception, abortion is used a lot as Plan A instead of Plan B, C, or D.

Anything presented without evidence can be just as easily dismissed without evidence. If your claim is that people generally forgo safe sex just because they can get an abortion later I’m going to need data. And I don’t mean news reports or op-eds, I want hard numbers.

@b6hydra Oh I'm not making a claim of fact at all. I freely admit it's only my perception of the situation. I have no data, and I'm absolutely certain I have a blind spot somewhere. I'm not looking to win an argument. Just looking for perspective and making my current thoughts known. I'm not the least bit scared to be wrong here.

Do you have a different perspective? Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

No problem with the idea of removing abortions, though the cost should be to add support for those who cannot afford a child.

It is a financial and psychological burden to raise a child. The hypothesis is that more financially and psychological mothers abort the child. Though if one removes the option of aborting, then one should add the option of financial and psychological aid.

There probably are programs out there, though the education about them are also lacking. And assuming that those who are against abortions are also against financial aid of such mothers.

So it seems like a double edged sword issue. One wants it both ways without acknowledging the price.

It seems like a big ploy for business and a heavy burden on society. Wondering if giving children up for adoption will go up? Wondering if parents going to jail will go up? What about the rates of SIDS?

@barefootstache I agree with you there. I don't think it's necessarily right to say "no more abortions" and also "good luck to you with that kid, Mom." I guess that's how I ended up leaning toward prevention rather than after-care. I know some people in the adoption and foster circles, and it's pretty rough. Sure, there are programs out there for mothers, but if they're going to be a solution it should be front and center right now. As usual, it's crickets from that group.


In general it seems like a societal issue. Like most people prefer a bandaid over fixing the root cause. There exists public health whose purpose is to inform people in how to live healthy and/or prevent a disease. Though many don't know of such individuals or considers them as not important, where the corona pandemic was/is a good example of people's trust in them. Instead people trust doctors more to cure the cause after the effect has taken place and in lots of causes it could be too late by then.

@barefootstache I see that as well. There are some parallels with corporate management. They have a culture problem, but keep making rules on the back end to try and keep it in check.

As I'm writing this, I see Louisiana trying to make performing an abortion a homicide. They're absolutely trying to codify a solution to their culture problem. It also smacks of posturing to appease religious voters. Instead of the easy knee-jerk reaction, they should be hanging out at the gas station in economically/socially depressed areas to get ahead of the underlying problem. But the high-school-popularity-contest politicians won't be caught dead hanging out with the unwashed commoners. And that's a whole different hot-button that gets me riled...

@MRECheese or better yet when the same politicians tell their side girl to get an abortion, but are politically against...

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