Please follow me at instead of here. I will keep this account but as a backup. I plan to do all of my primary Mastodon activity there.

We're under 10 days away from the start of the #pinebookpro preorders! What are you planning to do with yours?


We name all of the computers in our home after breeds of penguin. We used to have an Acer Aspire One notebook that was blue, hence, it was named Little Blue. Our fileserver is named Rockhopper. Our squid proxy server is called Chinstrap. I forget the names of the others but your podcast reminded me of Little Blue. That little computer took much abuse from my children.

How blessed you are to live in a place where you can go hear little blue penguin chatter in the evening as explained in your Gnu World Order podcast. So cool.

Last week, during my lunch hours, I played around with making perf modules in . I started out with a generic polygon, graduated to triangular perf (which posed some challenges) and this week I plan to tackle the perf in the attached picture. I don't know what you call it but I like it. I'm probably working my way up to the apple cheese grater before I'm done with my perf adventure.

the bottom portion of my designed CPU/MOSFET case, trying to get the MOSFET standoffs properly spaced.

Howdy. Texas resident that is insanely into . Mastodon veteran looking to start over and maintain a lower profile. Free speech and software enthusiast with a focus on Linux. IT professional. First generation American of Dutch descent with an unreasonable reverence for the color, orange. Thus the handle. Dutch word for orange pronounced something like:

O - Ron - Yuh.

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