i need to learn how to manage my time ffs

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@cel music reccs please.
If they are good to me ill buy them off bandcamp also.

Alright i spemt too much time on here today goodnight
Off to do some running at the beach

i apologise to my followoers who expect me to talk about anything insightful about learning mathematics instead of sharing monkeys haircuit image macros

i hate youtube
why is my zoomer brain so addicted to it

i dont know why i want to use linux.
i just want to reduce the amount of hours i go on a computer by making it as frustrating as possible

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who wouldve though exercise actually does help with headaches
literal cure to everything fucking hell

yeah this headache making me just stare at blacnk pieces of paper,
i think physical activity is the only way i can remove this mental obstacle.

ive been having a persistent headache for the last few days
its kinda pissing me off cos i cant get any work done but what ever

@cel is your anarchist chat still up? Id like to join pls,
Recently read an essay and now i feel empowered( read. Radicalised) to help improving the world via a leftist perspective.
But i need to learn how.

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lots of irritating superfluous parentheses

ive seen the most adorable thing ever and now its my profile pic

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