someone explain to me how to show that x^4-y^4=3 has a interger solution using modular arithmetic.

i used mod 3 to show that it has solutions but then i realised thats wrong for obvous reasons.
apparently i have used mod5 but i dont see how it got to that

alright so basically i figured where i fucked up.
and i also understand why i use mod 5

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@Placholdr This is the practice, in programming, of explaining your problem to a literal rubber duck. Often the process of explaining the problem helps you figure it out.

There does also seem to be an effect where, the more publicly you post your confusion, the more quickly you realize your silly mistake. Finally, in the classroom, your ability to do math is inversely proportional to your proximity to a whiteboard.

@peterdrake i love this, its explained something ive been internalising for a while when im doing mathematics on my own.
thanks for showing me this

@Placholdr If you have gotten to the point where you have this level of math problem in front of you, and feel like you have learned enough that you ought to be able to figure it out, you do NOT suck at math. Perhaps you struggle with it more than some of your peers, but in the general population you are actually incredibly mathematically adept. I'm still having to explain to my co-workers how to calculate 30% off a bill when the cash register wont do it for them.

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