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Minor Update just went down to the instance ticker. The instance ticker now has its own custom icon and colors. Since we are a significant fork from vanilla mastodon it made sense that we have our own unique colors to represent QOTO instance and derivatives.

Please let us know if anyone sees any unintended side effects or if anyone doesnt like the new change. We can always fix it.

We are back from a successful upgrade!

Only one new feature this time. We added Instance Ticker headers in the default theme. It is now much easier to see which server someone is from and what software that server runs beneath a persons name.

If you dont like the new default tickers and preferred the old theme you can set it in the themes to use the default theme without tickers.

Enjoy the new feature.

Sometime a bit later today we will do a minor server update. The functionality being addressed:

1) Adding instance ticker symbols below usernames to easily identify what server they come from (can be turned off)

2) Fixing the spelling from Qoto to QOTO where it occurs in the UI.

Should we add the color-coded server indicator from the themes into the default theme (keeping everything else as-is)?

We recently significantly expanded the federation relays for which is a member of. This will significantly increase the volume of our federated feed and as such improve results when using our Domain Subscription feature to subscribe to another instance's local timeline as well as account and keyword subscriptions.

We are currently a member of 14 different Relays.

One last notice for the day. The search index is being rebuilt. So while you can still do full text searches here it will be a day or two until you get full search results. We normally keep toots from he entire fediverse back to the beginning of time but you cant access it until the index completes. Please be patient and if a search doesn't give you enough results try back later and it should work.

This also may reduce the number of results you see in remote timelines you are subscribed to locally. As the index completes then these remote timelines should fill up more quickly and completely I believe. For now everything works just fine.

Let us know if anyone has problems or questions.

What stylization / capitalization should we use for the qoto name?

Remember when using the Domain Subscribe feature it will only start showing new toots AFTER you create the subscription, it wont show older toots!

Another Update Notice!

We just reset the server again, last time by the look of it. The Simple UI is now fixed and the menu bar is back. Advanced UI remains unchanged and continues to work.

All updates and features appear to be fully functional at this time.


What does everyone think of all the new features we added to earlier today?

We have a fix prepared for the bug with the simple UI where the menu on the right isnt showing (advanced UI works).

We are backing up the DB and a some other post-update chores once those finish we will update the server again and the simple UI will work. We will update everyone here when that happens, until then please use the advanced UI as a work around.


For the time being everyone will have to go into their preferences and turn on advanced UI. The navigation menu disappeared in simple mode. I'm going to try to fix that but until I do just use advanced mode please.

Now that the upgrade is complete a lot of you are probably curious about the new features we added. They were mostly pulled in from the Fedibird fork, but the code had to be considerable modified to get fully working. The following is the complete list of new features introduced in this upgrade.

Domain Subscriptions - Bring another instance's local timeline as a feed in QOTO, no need to have an account on another server again, just import their timeline here!

Keyword Subscriptions - Create custom timelines based off keywords not just hashtags, you can even use regex for advanced matching

Account Subscriptions - This allows you to follow a remote accounts public toots in your Home timeline without actually following them, great for following users with locked accounts.

Misskey compatible quoting of toots

Bookmarking of toots

Support for WebP and HEIC media uploads

An update to the getting-started menu to include center stage links to and the @QOTO announcements account (me!)

The update is now complete and fully functional. Local Timeline is back where it should be.

Enjoy all the new features!

The update had one minor problem... No local timeline. It will be fixed shortly, working on it now.

Restart moved back about 15 minutes ... brace yourselves. Doing a fresh backup first, small chance we could loose up to 15 minutes of posts, probably not though.

Attention: Another QOTO Update/Restart

This is a big one so everyone pay attention.

I recently just got done adding in several new features to the QOTO codebase, it will be going live on the server within the hour. It brings with it lots of new features you wont find in Mastodon, that also means a bit of risk, so lets hope this update goes smoothly.

Once the new version is up please feel free to share what you love or hate, we can always tweak this stuff. The following are some of the new features:

* Bookmarking toots and retrieving.

* Quoting toots

* Domain subscription (this one is my favorite) where you can follow a specific instance (not a user) and basically create a local timeline at QOTO reflecting the remote instances timeline.

* Account subscription. This is a bit like a follow but not a follow. It is where you follow a persons public toots only but dont actually follow them. This is handy if a user posts some public toots but also has their followers locked for approval. You can still follow them without their approval or them even knowing you follow.

* a more prominent link to our QOTO announcements and the / hashtags.

* Several additional theme alternatives to try

*And many others!

Did you know that is already listed on and you can verify your identity with keybase with just a few simple steps?

Just go to your keybase profile and click the link to prove a new identity. will already show up in the list of servers, you dont need to do anything special.

Once you identify your keybase profile will show that your mastodon account is verified and your local mastodon profile will even show a nice little check mark to prove your identity like in the attached screen shot!

Not an important announcement but we have one more fix we did on worth mentioning.

We now have both the https and http for the subdomain redirecting to the proper URL (before you would just get a 404).

This wont effect our regular users who know our url already but it seems google was linking to the www sub-domain. So this should improve our visibility and increase the number of new users we get. Either way its a nice convince factor for people manually typing in the url.

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