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I have recently uncovered a user who seems to be opening temporary accounts at QOTO, blocking all the moderators so we dont see their posts and then posting high offensive material (nazi imagery, transphobic and hateful derogatory content, etc) and then proceeding to announce to block list moderators and possibly on the list in general in an attempt to get us banned.

The issue of users being able to block moderators and do **exactly** this is something I have brought up to @Gargron before probably over a year ago but he has never acted on fixing this issue and does not see it as needing fixing from what I could gather (he can interject here if he would like).

It is something we as moderators are powerless to detect or act against unless someone actually reports the content first, that is the only way we will even see it. Thankfully none of the block lists have actually acted on this and no damage to QOTO has been done. But seeing as this may continue I want to make others aware of the problem, press Gargron to fix the issue once more, and also encourage **anyone** who sees such content on QOTO to please report it so we can act on it.

I can not personally confirm this but according to the block-list operator they seem to have reason to think it is @snow behind the attacks. This would be in line with the behaviors from snow I have witnessed in the past.

For the attempt by snow to spam and falsely accuse instances see here:

For more information see these attempted block requests on QOTO that were made in this fashion:

@arteteco @Sphinx @khird

(Note: originally posted from @freemo account. Repasted here to show up in QOTO announcements as well)


Everyone please welcome QOTO's newest moderator to the team @khird

Please reach out to him or any of the other QOTO admins if you need help with anything. Remember most of the moderators aren't available all the time so best to tags ll the moderators if you need help and just see who responds first. But we are all here to help, so dont hesitate to reach out!


After discussing with the QOTO moderators we would like to nominate @khird as a new moderator.

It isn't official yet though, we want to give all of our users a chance to consider our nomination and vote either for or against. Also users are welcome and encouraged to nominate their own suggestions as well.

After about a week if no objections are raised and the support is positive with no opposing nominations to consider we will make the nomination real.

Lets hear from you!

What should QOTO's next feature be?

Moderated Groups Walk-through

The following is a breakdown of how the new Moderated Group server works. If you want to start a group (becoming the owner and moderator for that group) you can sign up here:

This server is not intended for, nor does it support, regular user accounts. Its intended purpose is to host managed groups similar to but adding the ability for a group to be owned and managed by an owner giving them the ability to mute, block, or silence misbehaving users as well as to make the group private so that only approved members can join.

The way it works is rather simple, similar to guppe anyone who makes a top-level post and tags the group’s account name will have their post added to the group automatically presuming they have permission to post to the group. By default groups are open and anyone would have permission to post to a group. These posts can be done as either public or unlisted, however DMs will not work as they lack the permission for other users to see it. If you wish to get group posts in your home timeline you simply follow the group, that’s all there is to it.

Keep in mind while all servers support groups, since it uses standard mechanisms to operate, not all servers will render groups in the same way. You will get the best group expiernce with an account on QOTO which has a unique feature whereby Groups are rendered and handled in a special way. There is a “Group directory” on QOTO, for example, that lists all groups discovered around the fediverse and lists them, ordered by how active they are. Also when you pull up the timeline for a group it renders in a way that makes group posts seem seamless. However if you are on vanilla Mastodon or some other server like Pleroma there isn’t any special handling for groups; that means posts made to a group will still show up in your home timeline but it will appear as a boost made by the group account itself. So functionally it still works. This is no different than how guppe works so the expiernce with guppe based groups is no different.

After signing up please consider going to the new accounts profile setting and selecting “List this account on the directory”. This will ensure that your group is discoverable and that other users around the fediverse can search for, find, and ultimately join, your group. Without this checked it will not show up in the Group Directory on other servers as well.

Moderation of the group by the account owner is not much different than a normal user account. You can mute, block, or silence users to limit their ability to see or post to the group as you see fit. Similarly a group can be made follower-only if you wish to restrict who can follow a group.

One important note, due to the special nature of a server devoted to groups a few features have been explicitly turned off to prevent abuse. A group account can not follow other user or groups, though it can be followed. As such there is also no home timeline. This prevents users from spam following to get followers to a group.

The fediverse’s first public Managed Group Server is live!

  • Sign up while all the good names are available *

You can go to and register for a group. But be sure to read the about/more page first to understand how it works!

Anyway, as far as I know this is the first time the fediverse has had an open, managed group server.

QOTO also has the group directory. Attached is what the group directory, and a group timeline looks like on QOTO, but we did some streamlining, your client may render groups differently and most wont have the directory, which is a federated list of active groups.

Anyway, anyone who wants a group, go sign up for one! Its open now!


Managed Groups

Should be launched on QOTO tomorrow! but the dev server with a test group is up now!

We will be opening up the Groups Server, most likely, tomorrow. I just need to get email confirmations working (not sure why they arent)…

In the meantime I created a single group for testing purposes and have the server running just to see if its stable overnight and so I can continue working on it. I will let everyone know when its open for registration so you can create your own managed group on the fediverse.

If you’d like to try out the first group, which is intended for general discussion about the group server, QOTO, or really anything really, then just post an original message and tag @QOTO and it should post to the QOTO group.

Keep in mind while QOTO users have the native group expiernce and the groups will appear to work as just a shared space where people can post publicly, users on other servers will not have the integrated expiernce, however it will still be usable and works rather well. The threads in a group will just show up as boosts instead, but functionally its the same so no big deal.

Anyway feedback welcome, play around with the QOTO group while I get some sleep and tomorrow keep your eyes out for the announcement of open-registration so you can create your own moderated group on fediverse.

Here is an excellent explanation of QOTO's remote local timeline feature.

πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
Remote Timelines I wanted to take a minute to explain QOTOs Remote timeline feature, specifically the new aspect we just released on the advanced ...

Remote Timelines

I wanted to take a minute to explain QOTOs Remote timeline feature, specifically the new aspect we just released on the advanced interface: Domain Favourites.

This feature allows you to pull up a column which is identical to the local timeline of a remote instance, thus addressing the need for users to have multiple accounts across multiple instances. You can be here on QOTO and see the remote timeline as a separate feed just as if you were on the remote instance itself! For example attached to this post is what the remote timeline looks like from

Note: This feature can not and does not bypass security permissions. If a user has blocked you you wont see that users posts in the remote timeline either.

There are several ways to pull up or switch between remote timelines, and you can have several remote timelines up at the same time or even combine them in a single column.

One way to do this is with the QOTO lists feature. Here you can create lists that are either collections of people you wish to follow in their own timeline, or a list of domains where you wish to follow the remote local timeline of the whole domain. Create the lists you want then open your lists and switch between them to view the various timelines you define.

You can also go into your settings and under preferences there is a subsection called “Favourite domains”, you can add domains there as well. If you do this the domain will show up on the main navigation bar and you can select it with fewer clicks than through the list menu. There is also a Favourite Tags section in preferences that works much the same way.

You can also pull up the remote local timeline of an instance from a posted status itself. Simply click the three dots on a post from any user from the desired domain and one of the options will be to open the remote timeline for that domain.

That is all there is to it, enjoy!

QOTO New Features Guide

Since we have so many new significant features deployed as of last night I wanted to take a minute and give a brief explanation of the features and how to use them, as well as how we expect them to evolve over the next few weeks as I continue to work on them.

The following is a brief summary of most of the new features added:

  • Groups Rendering - Accounts which represent groups (such as those from Guppe) are now tagged with a group badge and are specially rendered so the messages relayed by a group appear to be originating from the user.

  • Group Directory - Groups are federated in the group directory which, like the federated timeline, will list all groups followed by anyone on our server.

  • Markdown Posts - You now have the option to select markdown formatting when posting.

  • Circles - You can now create circles with followers in it. When you make a post you can select one or more circles to privately post to and only users of those circles can see your post.

  • Colored follow button - The follow button seen in the feed and in profiles (the one that can be optionally turned off in settings) will now be colored to indicate follower status. Gray if not followed, yellow if followed, blue if following, green if mutual follow

  • Read/unread notifications - Unread notifications now have a subtle blue indicator. There is also a “mark all as red” button added.

  • User Post Notification - Users now have a bell next to their name where the follow button is. This will send you a notification every time they makes a new post.

  • Rich-text rendering - We now render rich-text from other servers, so servers which post in a formatting that includes things like bolding, quotes, headers, italics, underlines, etc, will render in the statuses.

  • Rich-text Stripping - The user option to partially or fully turn off the rendering of rich-text.

  • Registration Captcha - A captcha is now required to signup for a new account, reducing spam.

  • Local-only toot default - You can now optionally set all toots to be local-only and prevent all your posts from federating outside of the local server. Without this setting you can still select local-only on a per-toot basis.

  • Quote feature turn-off - As introduced earlier you can quote a toot rather than just reboost it. This is an additional button on every toot. This can now be turned off in your settings and removes the button.

  • Bookmark feature turn-off - As with the quote feature we could previously bookmark posts. You can now turn off the bookmark button.

  • Follow button turn-off - As mentioned earlier our added feature allowing you to add a follow button, optionally colored, into the feed can now be turned off.

  • Subscribe button turn-off - As before the subscribe feature that lets you watch a users public toots without following them can now be optionally turned off.

  • Favorite Domains - Our last release allowed us to add remote timeline as a feature where you could pull up the local timeline of a remote instance as its own column. Now you can also add domains to a favorite domain list which makes it easier to access and bring up the timelines by listing them directly in the navigation panel.

  • Favorite Tags - Similar to favorite domains this allows you to create a list of your favorite tags and have them easily accessible in the navigation panel.



The engine used to render the markdown is called Kramdown. It supports standard markdown, of course, but it also supports some special formatting. You can view some of its formatting rules here:Β

Keep in mind that while many other fediverse serves will view the rich text not all servers can or will and the formatting will be converted into html in a best-effort to remain compatible. For examples vanilla Mastodon instances reject all special formatting, but links from markdown should still be correctly rendered, but bold and other formatting will be filtered out on Mastodon. Pleorma and other software which allows rich-text should properly render the markdown.


Right now all of the support on QOTO around groups is centered around the group directories and rendering groups. You can not create a group on the QOTO server itself, but you can follow and share to groups and have a better experience. As it stands right now groups on the diverse are unmoderated and open. Anyone can join a group and participate, which are open groups. The directory basically lists any groups known to the QOTO server, so if anyone follows a group on the server that group will show in the group directory.

With that said we will be releasing shortly a specially coded QOTO group server. It will behave similar to the way behaves in the sense that group is still an account that relays posts to that group by mentioning the group account. However it will allow for managed groups where the group is owned by an individual and thus a person can block people from the group. That should be up very shortly so keep an eye out for that announcement. It should allow QOTO to participate in moderated groups as is.

Forgot to mention we also added read notifications to the notifications stream. Unread notifications have a blue marker next to them indicating they are unread and there is a check mark at the top of the column one can click to mark all notifications as read.

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New Version of QOTO Released

The latest version of QOTO is now live on our server. There are a few minor bugs noticed when we deployed it that will be worked on over the next day, but otherwise everything should be up.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the new features:

  • Groups support for federated groups. QOTO will display a group batch on group accounts and properly render the relayed messaged. We also added a group directory showing any groups any of our users follow. We will be bringing up a seperate server soon as well dedicated to groups and allow for user moderated groups as well.

  • Markdown support for toots.

  • Circles allows you to add people to a circle and then when you make a post you can share specifically to one or more circles and only they can see your posts.

  • Captcha Required when registering a new account, should help us eliminate some bots.

  • Rich-text rendering. Rich text from servers that provide formatted messages will now be rendered with the formatting (bold, underline, coloring, etc).

  • Rich-text filtering a new setting introduced to allow users to partially or fully suppress rich-text formatting.

  • Colored follow button The follow button can now optionally be colored from the settings to provide additional information (gray if not followed, yellow if followed, blue if following, green if mutual follow)

NOTE: This was a pretty big change, so there will likely be a few bugs we flush out over the next few days. Everything seems to be working for the most part but there is one bug in streaming we identified after release. The consequence seems to be that when you make a post you wont see your own post in the local timeline until you refresh the page. It appears the streaming of other peoples posts is still working. I’ll be looking into the bugs and fixing them over the next day. If anyone runs into any bugs or issues please let @freemo know and he will address it right away.


servers will be upgrading shortly with all new features. There may be some short down time. Stay tuned!

New feature here at QOTO! We now offer free and automatic SSL certs for any websites you host at QOTO.

Aside from being free, opensource, and no data collection to host your site with us, we now offer free SSL certs too. Just use our gitlab instance to publish your website on our servers by simply marking a tick box when you set it up you can request an SSL certificate that will be automatically obtained and renewed via lets encrypt. You also have the option of using your own SSL certificate or no certificate at all when hosting from our site.

If you dont want to bring your own domain name we also provide you a free subdomain on * that will also be https under our own SSL certificate.

To get started just open an account on our gitLab instance:

For more info on this feature check out:

For information on using gitlab to host pages in general then check out this lengthier resource:

As always if you have any questions reach out to one of our moderators such as @freemo

The QOTO Funkwhale service is back up, new hardware and more space. Open up an account if you dont already have one (and hit me up to get access to some high-quality libraries).

The QOTO PeerTube service is now back up and running again on newer and bigger hardware, check us out.

The QOTO discourse server is now back up and running at its usual address, but with all new, bigger, and better, hardware.

Great news, the QOTO services are starting to come back up on the new hardware/infrastructure.

So far our NextCloud instance ( ) and our Gitlab instance ( ) are both back up. Keep in mind things might go down in the next day or two as I continue to work on the infrastructure but backups are happening often so no worries.

I will continue to bring up the other services in the next day or so.

Our secondary services (not the social media part im posting on here) will be going down temporarily as we move to a new infrastructure. As each service comes back up the community will be notified from this account.

Thanks for your patience, this is a big move for us but everything has been backed up and will be back shortly.

Our NextCloud instance located at has just been upgraded to version 20.x


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