I just did a schematic mind-map of the latest evidence about the existence of God.

Brought to you by some random Jehovah's witnesses who stopped me in the street. Pretty strong argument.

Being is so relaxing.


@arteteco Have you considered how messy it would be we lived in a simulation?! We'd be back to the infinite-regress thing because how would we know our simulation was the first, because in all likeliness we wouldn't be. See, even being an atheist is not that relaxing! ;)

@QuentinMann It would probably be messy. But do we live in a simulation? I'll wait here for evidence. Meanwhile, I'll chillax and try to fix the world I know exists =)

You are right though, I should have specified: being a rationalist atheist is relaxing =D

@arteteco @freemo I guess the evidence will be what we create in the future (if we don't kill ourselves off first). If we can create sentient beings in artificial worlds in the future, then for me, all bets are off and we do live in a simulation. Things could get very interesting then! :)


Even if we manage to create it that wouldn't be evidence for us living in one. Could be likely, could be worth studying, but that's it, IMHO


@arteteco For me it would be, simply by using the argument of how likely is it we would be the first to do it? I know it's a judgement call, but I highly doubt we would be the first. But as @freemo says, it all depends on the laws of physics in whichever multiverse you're in too.

We could be living in simulated multiverses inside simulated multiverses - and if the 'Many Worlds' interpretation of QM holds true, that's an impossible onion to unravel! :)

@QuentinMann Just because this universe may make it difficult or even impossible to create sentient beings inside of it doesnt mean or even imply that the universe we may be hosted in has the same rules. The physical laws of our host universe may very well make the creation of such simulations trivial.

@QuentinMann It is pretty much guaranteed we are in some sort of a simulation. Its just a question of what type. It more than likely doesnt look anything like the sort of computers we imagine as the host universe likely has completely different fundamental laws.


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