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Got my first job in foreign land as a Christmas temp. Only gonna work for a month but it'll buy me some time.

> fedi post linking to twitter post
> twitter post is a screenshot of another twitter post
> origiinal twitter post contains a screenshot and no link

i'm done

(WTB "reply all")

Potato is one of the ways to remove manufacture coating from new nibs, making ink flow easier out of the box.

@Katsudon @freemo @Surasanji @hax

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I found at least one Mojeek, the problem is it has very little actually indexed.
So for now i am going to try Searx for a while, it combines multiple sources and doesn't track. You can also host it yourself. And it has mojeek inside it as an option. Want my settings?

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I never would have anticipated that @pixelfed would have grown to what it is today.

This shoutout from Cambodia made me tear up, I'm so happy that I can make a difference in the fediverse!

Big move day - this is my new home for the next few months, at least through the winter.

NaNoWriMo's website revamp isn't the best this year :/

I haven't been talking much here lately. Immediately on my mind now is desire to make a second cup of tea.

@schestowitz I just want to say I really appreciate your news. I discovered Orx game engine via one of your Linux news links and now I'm obsessed.

I managed to make a silly clicker game in Unity2D. Next up is world domination with idle games.

Should I make a MUD? Where does one begin to enter that rabbit hole?

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