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Hello there beautiful people, this is my first account here. ( I mean at
I have a another account that I post normal stuff. Here I focus more on science related content. I felt like making an account here after reading some posts of Dr.Freemo.
And thought this instance is going to be interesting, and may be I will get to learn more about subjects like physics.

Thank you for reading!

See the correct analysis of money laundering news is that AML/CTF and KYC don't work. They will never work because they try to control the *tool* not the *criminal act*. It's not the money that is illicit, it's the use of that money to commit crimes

Every day @users posts some reports similar to this one - here are some annotations to help you understand why they have the shape they do.

tagging @freemo since he's mentioned in the image

I literally just said this in a room full of Physicist Ph.Ds and I have no regrets:

Hell given the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics given enough time the turd I put in the toilet this morning will eventually turn into a clown and do the macarena, but the amount of time it would take to actually observe that would probably be longer than the time the universe takes to reach heat death :)

So Lenz's law is just the Le Chatelier's principle with magnetic fields?

Time has passed so fast, that I didn't even notice!

It's 9:43 PM here!
I thoght it's like 8:00 PM or something.


NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! I woke up to find Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. I really liked her for the most part.

Part of me thinks Trump has been able to select too many supreme court judges, but I must admit while Trump is a pretty shitty president overall his supreme court choices arent too bad and I think its good we have some strong 2nd and 1st amendment rights representatives on the supreme court now at least... So lets hope he makes a good choice.

At last today I could get up before sun.

Now just did some stretchings and hope to do some studies more productively.

Man it always amazes me how little engineers really understand when you go beyond the points they were taught to parrot... Engineers need better science and theory background in almost every field...

I've been meaning to do a write up explaining duality in electronic circuits. Specifically in a way you dont hear about covering, for example, the duality between an electric circuit and a magnetic circuit.... I've been knee deep in refreshing myself on mostly the vocab I need to explain this properly and what exactly is a dual and how there are different types of duals that vary what is a dual based on the context, which itself goes back to laplace transforms... man my head is spinning though because im really trying to think of concepts I know well in a very foreign way.

regarding a gemini post 

Experimental Physics Pratice: Application of Scientific Method to Investigate the Pandemic Behavior of COVID-19. (arXiv:2009.07271v1 [physics.ed-ph])

regarding a modest (gemini) proposal 

regarding a modest (gemini) proposal 

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