If you haven’t checked out the today honoring video game pioneer Jerry Lawson, you need to! Take time to play with it a bit (and if you are in the classroom let your students play, too). Watch this 4 minute video about Jerry Lawson and the Doodle and share it with your students: youtu.be/RLQO_RWCOoQ @edutooters

Uggh. So sad to see as one of the most regretted majors.

IT News  
Survey Reveals the Most-Regretted (and Least-Regretted) College Majors - A report from the Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce found...

Interesting thoughts being shared in reply to this Toot! What do you think? Be sure to visit the original Toot and read the replies to it!

Bill Ferriter  
One of the things I'm thinking about this morning is the fact that often, teachers are hesitant to share their best practices with one another. T...

Hello Mastodon! I'm trying this as an alternative to Twitter. Hoping to find like-minded folks to network with soon!

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