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I've been reading with interest what you guys have said here and I think all of you have a point.

My take is that the four freedoms are not enough, and that the divide between programmers and non-programmers is artificial.

That divide was deliberately created by big corporations when they decided code shouldn't be inspectable. That way the "developer class" is bribed into compliance and isolated from the rest of the working class.

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Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, Raddle, or Hacker News: you subscribe to forums you’re interested in, post links and discussions, then vote, and comment on them. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse.

For a link aggregator, this means a user registered on one server can subscribe to forums on any other server, and can have discussions with users registered elsewhere.

The overall goal is to create an easily self-hostable, decentralized alternative to reddit and other link aggregators, outside of their corporate control and meddling.

Each lemmy server can set its own moderation policy; appointing site-wide admins, and community moderators to keep out the trolls, and foster a healthy, non-toxic environment where all can feel comfortable contributing.

Note: Federation is still in active development and the WebSocket, as well as, HTTP API are currently unstable

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Mozilla Google budget screaming 

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So is the plan at #Mozilla now to simply sabotage every product we care about and focus on making stickers and a re-branded VPN?

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#Google server side tagging - as detailled here: A great step forward!

Except I'm calling it as an attempt to make tracking people online harder to detect

I spoke to the guy on the bird site - see his reaction

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QuickJS was an interesting project to study! It's a small JavaScript engine that's still well optimized and feature complete without going overboard.

Since I mentioned line counts earlier QuickJS takes ~80k, over half of which is in one file.

It's implemented as a bytecode stack machine with what V8 calls "hidden classes".

Also has a REPL loop with a syntax highlighter, C transpiler, uglifier, and I/O library. Could replace Node.js quite well!

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"I believe that algorithms can be used for good for so many things, but curating what you see and read isn't the best idea. I've realized how annoying Twitter became since they started to alter the feed."

Read the full article:

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Much as I like a lot of Aral Balkan's rhetoric, and rewatching him discuss the sad state of modern browsers, I just end up reflecting back to arguing with him regarding JavaScript.

He, like some others I've heard, think we need JS to build peer-to-peer technologies ontop of.

I envy you for not digging into how your dependencies work, not finding out how much JS epitimizes Big Tech. The eldritch horror drove me nuts!

Sure use JS as a stopgap, but longterm let's move away from it. Please?

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@alex @theruran @phryk @alcinnz @humanetech

imo, the problem with JavaScript from a #smalltech perspective isn't that it's running in a VM – it's that it's running in a VM *written in 2 million lines of C++*.

That means there's no on-ramp for people who develop *in* javascript to become people who develop javascript. Which keeps big tech dominant

In comparison, many self-hosted/bootstrapped languages encourage users to engage in compiler hacking, which further encourages simplicity in design

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A Simple Method fr Sending Pictures by Wire or Radio · Eckhardt, George H, Chicago 1936, p.48, "Electronic television" ..


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“« usbkill » is an anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer.”

Via cron.weekly #144

Nice to have problem: you cannot record an audio lesson because down the street a Blues band is playing very loud... 🤣

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Il Comune di Cento ha scelto di passare a un “office” libero, gratuito e #opensource,, in sostituzione di altre soluzioni proprietarie e a pagamento. I fondi risparmiati sono stati investiti nella formazione informatica del personale.


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stands for Transfer Protocol.

Yet, since decades, it's not anymore a protocol optimized for HyperText transfer.

Now, what if we wanted to design a protocol REALLY optimized for such goal?

We could design it from scratch for high bandwidth high latency network, maybe over something like BitTorrent, sharing signed but mostly unencrypted and cacheable contents and occasionally encrypted ones. Always static: browseable but not interactive, yet easy enough to self-host to allow social conversation through additive creation of new contents into such Web.

But how to name such protocol?

HTTP has been taken and corrupted. 😒

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