I appreciate mobile.co.

It's a living, breathing reminder of how deeply white folks are invested in their fantasy of being 'oppressed'.

@Are0h I read their toots. Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Theorists, 'Those Kind of Tea Party' peoples... It's funny.

Not funny Haha, though. Funny boohoo.

@Surasanji @Are0h their code of conduct and the content of the ad on profiles says it all. One of their admins even has the handle "MAGA45".


At least it's easy to figure out where they stand lol

The fact it seems to be quite a new server and already has hundreds of users shakes my faith in humanity a bit though.


@msh @Are0h I feel like often 'Free Speech' instances are code for something more sinister. I remember over here at we got some of that questioning since we consider ourselves a free speech space. Glad to say we have, mostly, been free of people who want to take advantage of that moniker for closeted bigotry.

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