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"You're about to be evicted from Sapphire league", come to my house at midnight dumb owl and kickmy ass see if i care

How do I contact George Soros to get compensated for my political beliefs, I'm out here doing it for free.

When I say "I've optimised the system's server", what I really mean is "I lost the pem key because I'm a dumbass and spent 3 hours frantically trying to fix the damage".

I thought this was an onion article at first, I don't think whether the world's smartest chimp has died is much of an opinion piece.

I completed a usability review (about for part of my Master's program a while ago and sent it off to The support thanked me and said she would pass it to the Chief technical advisor but then I didn't ever hear anything back.

I recently noticed this which is precisely one of my suggestions. Super nice to see they actually acted on this feedback.

How long does my duo-lingo streak need to be before I get Dutch citizenship?

I just did a PowerPoint presentation about how the earth's curvature works to my flat earther father. I never thought I would say that.

I've been really into reading psychology (surface level stuff) recently, and in this book they mention the Familiarity Heuristic (

I think personally this explains a lot in terms of my musical taste as very often I have to listen to something several times before I really enjoy it.

"Music used to mean something back in the day"

The Beach Boys: Sometimes I feel very sad, Sometimes I feel very sad, Sometimes I feel very sad, Sometimes I feel very sad

The further up in academia I go the more I realize almost everyone is as incompetent as me

People are very ready to shun consumerism yet travel constantly, I love traveling don't get me wrong but services are still very much a part of the consumerist problem.

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In the 2000s, we called this “single point of failure”, and it was bad.

In the 2010s, we call it “cloud”, and it is good.

New law: if your car alarm goes off for over 20 minutes I'm legally allowed to push it into the fucking sea

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Everyone complains about how much memory Google Chrome uses, but considering how much data its extracting from each user I'd say it's remarkably well optimized.

If you give them an inch they take a mile, so if you give them a mile they take 63360 miles.

Basically if you want to give them an inch give them inch give them 0.00001578282 of an inch and they take the rest.

This is actually unbelievably horrible I can't fathom how this got put out

Purity rings are self fulfilling prophecies

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