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I’m an American liberal with no tolerance for the intolerable.

So if you’re a populist, whether from the fascist end of the horseshoe or the socialist one, just move along.

If you engage, you’ll only wind up blocked. Don’t waste my time with your nonsense.

"The Mississippi Supreme Court struck down a portion of House Bill 1020, a recently enacted Mississippi law that targets Jackson’s majority-Black population."

#Prosecutors unveil 'doozy' #evidence at #Trump #fraud trial: 'Money flowing from one pocket to the other' - Raw Story

> Prosecutors on Friday unveiled a piece of evidence in former President Donald Trump's civil fraud case The Daily Beast reporter Jose Pagliery described as "a doozy."Included among the many examples of allegedly fraudulent accounting practices by the Trump Organization, argued prosecutor Andrew Amer,...


"Some in Washington had resisted supplying the weapons system, known as “attack-ems,” out of fear that it would widen the war with Russia."
And I don't buy this anymore.
In the wake of everything that has happened since February 22, 2022, you either know Ukraine needs ATACMS to defeat the aggressor and end the war, or you just intend to save Putin's ass.

Reminder: the real problem is not that Clarence Thomas and other fascist Justices are corrupt. It’s what that corruption has bought.

NPR :press:  
Thomas attended fundraisers for conservative political group, ProPublica report says A new report from ProPublica claims that Thomas has maintained...

The anti-America, pro-Russia wing of the Republican Party reared its ugly head in Congress this week

"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a chief opponent of more aid for Ukraine in the war against Russia, said she voted against the defense bill this time because her party’s leadership refused to separate out the war money"

"McCarthy announced he will strip funding for Ukraine out of a Pentagon spending bill"
#ukraine #russia #congress #GOP #uspol


Via Clue Heywood @ClueHeywood
Obviously get Sen Menendez out once and for all, but I DO have to respect his traditionalism, accepting big burlap bags with “$” written on the side while other politicians have moved on to insider trading or secret lavish trips or sharing intelligence

It's nice that #Unity3D walked back to terms that don't apply unless you use their latest engine, but that's the take-away: you need to not use their latest anymore. Finish your game. Find another engine. This is just an escape clause.

Anyone who sticks with them will get screwed the next time their c-suite wants to goose their stock price.

Why do so many believe in unproven claims? In a political climate where conspiracy theories run rampant, it's challenging to understand where or how exactly things go wrong. For many, the truth isn't hard to find. But for others, the truth is just as easy to ignore. Three recent conspiracies demonstrate this troubling reality.

Republicans are impeaching or planning to impeach so the act of impeachment looks political and less scandalous than it has been in previous decades.

Marine Le Pen May Face Trial on Embezzlement Charges in France

Prosecutors recommended charges against Marine Le Pen that could potentially bring a 10-year jail term and a 10-year ban from public office. Paris magistrates will decide whether to proceed.

Pro tip: if you want to point at China as an example of the success of socialism, you’re trash.

Clay Rosenthal  
@TruthSandwich @futurebird maternal mortality rates are lower in Cuba than the USA. That is a fact, not nonsense. And they achieved that while unde...

54) A third party, #Election2024 candidate is a big concern for the #Biden re-election campaign.

What disturbs #Democrats sleep at night is that #NoLabels will put up a plausible #centrist candidate who will draw votes from #JoeBiden

In theory, more choice is better right? Not in America, and right wing #oligarch types understand this, it's why they're playing with the notion, and looking for a political patsy to do their bidding

#Politico has part of the story here:

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Good news today: A coalition of 25 state governors announced a major push to reach 20M deployed heat pumps by 2030 -would represent a quadrupling of the number of heat pumps installed in 2020. Heat pumps are energy efficient replacements for furnaces & ACs -use electricity to transfer heat, as opposed to generate heat & can either heat a building when it is cold outside or cool a building when it is hot outside.

#ClimateSolutions #ClimateCrisis

"Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his wife have been indicted on bribery charges, Justice Department officials announced Friday morning, detailing what officials said was a corrupt scheme involving gold bars, stacks of cash and using the senator’s powerful position to secretly benefit the Egyptian government."

#Democrats #Politics #USPol #NewJersey #USA

Speaker McCarthy has pledged to remove $300 million worth of aid for Ukraine from a Pentagon budget bill after Marjorie Taylor Greene and four other Republican representatives prevented the bill’s passage.

#News #WorldNews #Politics #Congress #HouseGOP #GOP #HouseOfRepresentatives #MTG #KevinMcCarthy #UkraineWar #Ukraine #Republicans

Reminder: arguing with commies is pointless.

One just blocked me after claiming I was fascist for saying that it is a good feature of democracy that extremists are excluded from ruling.

"Journalists need to either report that there’s no credible evidence or clearly identify what they consider credible, in order to let the public judge for itself." #journalism #press #ethics #Biden

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