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I have quite a lot more followers than I did when I first wrote my introduction, so it’s only fair that I’m writing a new one, bump up the major version.

Hi! o/

I am Ștefan (ș as sh, I also accept Stephan or the equivalent in your language). I’m 21 years old, ♑, he/him, proud and soon to graduate CS @ UVABc. Sort of proudly living in . My native language is Romanian, fairly proficient at English, slowly learning (and ).

Tried a lot of programming languages in my childhood up until now, a non-chronological list of ones that stuck with me for one reason or another being: VB6 (that’s what I started on at 8 years old), (+ and ), (+ ), , (usually , on a good day and ), , , , , , -2, ++, , , (+ ), , , , , , , , and . I don’t claim full proficiency in all of these, but I’m familiar enough with these (+ some others not mentioned here) that I could get along just fine with 2 weeks at most of studying and looking through cookbooks and examples). I’m flexible in learning new languages and technologies if needed.

I also do and for fun (especially functional equations and number theory problems, sometimes calculus and geometric algebra). I am interested in , ( and ) and , contemporary (post-‘45, usually post-‘89 for me) history, history, lower-level stuff (I like to learn about how tools around me work, I’m most interested in , and ), and , + , , , , , , (especially in a worldbuilding context) and , along with other less notable interests.

I engage in relatively often irl, although I’m not inserting it in absolutely every scenario in my life. As I mentioned, I’m a and (or… um… ) (Nazis and fascists can have a merry fuck off, DNI with me). I am also a spiritual person, a (if you really want to put it that way, an agnostic, although it’s not quite true) and I find and interesting (I’ll let you guess my moon and ascendant, let’s see how close you are).

With that being said, I hope I’m welcome here, you can pick your subset of things that interest you from this list, you have plenty of options. :P Quite a bit longer than last time, but oh well…

Ok I have a cancelled meeting! So I'm going to tell you the llama arrival story (as the sky above the canola fields outside slowly turns apocalyptically orange from wildfires hundreds of km away... here's something lighter.)

So, my friend has had this llama for years. He's been a good guardian for my friend's goats. But my friend sold all his goats last year (farming is really hard, people need breaks). So what to do with the llama?

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Here is how to kill a process or user by tty/pts name in Linux. First, list the tty:
Then kill by its number and SIGKILL (non-graceful) or SIGTERM (graceful) as the root:
pkill -KILL -t tty1
pkill -TERM -t pts0
For more info see

It has come to my attention that some people only check their email once - maybe twice - a WEEK. Honestly, I assumed everyone checked at least once a day. How often do YOU check your email? (I'm a constant email checker - possibly to the point that I need therapy.)


because it been shoehorned into every niche as that's all that taught by academics as it high pass rate is what they get paid on

python is just one tool in the box of diverse languages

python is the modern day visual basic

muted that thread since everyone's like 'hueue not reading the news much huh?' yeah like I don't have better things to do than scour the web to see what kinda cursed shit the Americans are up today

it's actually really common for me to end up frustrated with some technology, start disliking it, and as a result of said frustration to explore it more and more

until i am able to navigate it with ease but without any enjoyment whatsoever <_<

@MikeRiverso One the topic of moderation, one prediction I've taken to heart is that Bluesky is due to implode in 3-6 months. User context here is rahaeli has been working in social media Trust & Safety for some 20 odd years.

Bluesky’s having a bit of a moderation crisis, which got me thinking about the ways in which the major Twitter clones approach moderation:

#Bluesky has libertarian “free speech at all costs”.
#Threads has puritan neoliberal top-down moderation.
#Twitter (Musk era) has Nazis-to-the-front anti-moderation.
#Mastodon has community moderation, a server covenant, and vote-with-your-feet accountability.

The first three are run by tech-bro billionaires. The latter is not. And it shows.

working on a music video for one of my ambient pieces~ took a handycam out to Point Reyes and filmed a bunch of stuff to use.

I'm not going to include this shot of an old phone booth but i had to put it somewhere.

@trinsec looks like it doesn’t show in threads… oh well, guess I’ll stick with the old way

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@trinsec thanks!

Trinsec @Qoto  
@alecui Just a FYI that they won’t get notified with a quote-toot, you’ll have to @-mention them still.

discovered it immediately after asking that

trade secret :neofox_laptop: :blobcatphoto: there's a button for it :blobcatphoto: :blobfoxastronoutgun: quiet, you RE:

Not Mastodon moment, I simply didn’t see the quote thingie that was newly added :P

Misskey moment

tyil #Mastodon moment

nevermind, I found out

:ablobcatrevovlerocelnot: :blobfoxastronoutgun: pardner RE:

the fact that some people find LLMs useful for writing code is not a credit to LLMs but an indictment of the average signal to noise ratio of code: it means that most code is confusing boilerplate -- boilerplate because a statistical model can only reliably reproduce patterns that reoccur many times across its training corpus, and confusing because otherwise-intelligent people capable of convincing a hiring manager that they are competent programmers find it easier to ask a statistical model to produce an incorrect prototype they must debug than write the code themselves. we all know from experience that most code is bad, but for LLMs to be able to write more-or-less working code at all indicates that code is much worse than we imagine, and that even what we consider 'good' code is from a broader perspective totally awful. (in my opinion, it is forced to be this way because of the way we design programming languages and libraries.)

We should figure out how to all go on strike. Everybody.

The goal—everything.

Let's try this #introduction thing here.

👋​ Hi, I am rokku, a 39+ old human in the #autistic and #adhd spectrum. As a person I behave as a INTJ-T or 5w6. I don't use gender for me but I know there are a lot of them #agender #nonbinary. If you are talking to me, use no pronouns or if it's to complex use xe/xem/xyr.

I am #sysadmin for life and #polyglot #developer for 20+ years. I love #selfhosting things. I work in the #hosting business. I was formerly #selfemployed and plan to do so again.

I do #debian servers and #arch for my workstation. All other distros are bad, especially #ubuntu (yes i know its from debian but with ugly things in it)

My beloved languages are #perl, #raku and #nim. But I do much more of them like #cpp, #java, #python and what not. Currently, as an old grumpy human, I try to learn #nodejs (we didn't have that as I started in the internet)

I like #old #school things, how we did it in the past. I did not stay behind, but new things must proof themself.

My #vocation is #IT and all the stuff around it.

Not enough, I am a #metroidvana, #megaman, #dragonball #nerd and #gamer starting with an Super NES console long time ago. I prefer the #xbox over the #playstation. I prefer games like #blasphemous, #warframe, #newworld, #doom and much more as I even could write here.

In my spare time (what sparetime?) I try to do things with #3d #printing and searching for new interesting activities.

@maxim Hi everyone, I am a #backend developer for 20+ years. I code mostly in #perl, #nim, #python, #cpp and many more #polyglot. A bit of #rust. I am from Europe. Additionaly I am a #sysadmin for life. So if you need some help, my DM are open or ping me public. Have a nice one eyerybody!

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