For users, you can now enjoy Mastodon from your friendly neighborhood kitchen sink OS.

You should install it from source (the MELPA package seems to be broken, for me in Spacemacs at least). I’d recommend you also activate visual-line-mode. You also need to add your mastodon-instance-url and mastodon-active-user like this:

(setq mastodon-instance-url ""        mastodon-active-user "alecui")

My tip would be to also run the mastodon-toot--enable-custom-emoji which will download your instance’s… well, custom emojis (and will also enable Emojify if it’s loaded in your environment). It has every feature you’d probably need and more (and most of them aren’t assigned to any keybindings, so you’re free to have them however you like). Maybe one day we could use Org Mode to write our posts, but oh well. :qoto:

@alecui One awesome package that allows org-mode based editing is

Maybe code could be shared from ement.el in mastodon.el to make this work.

Or perhaps it's as simple as calling org-export-*txt and posting with that text.

@ParetoOptimalDev I guess so, I considered exporting to md too, but I’d lose some conveniences (unless you could do something like what you’d do in #+BEGIN_SRC blocks with C-C ‘). Actually, yeah, that would definitely work: just open a separate Org Mode buffer and paste it afterwards in the supposedly read only mastodon buffer.

AND if you know how ox-hugo works, you could have your toots be in a tree or as individual files (which would be wasteful imo), and when you export one toot, it’ll get the ID from Mastodon, add it as a property to the Org Mode subheading and next time you’d eventually just export your tree, it won’t repost them.

Maybe replies can also work like that? Hmmmm. This is a fever dream for sure. I’ll keep exporting to md then

@alecui good old mastodon.el Happy to see its still being loved / I'm definitely going to have to update the 3 year old version I have on my machine lol

@Alexjgriffith you definitely should, it’s been getting a lot more love

@alecui trying out the latest build. Love the improvements!

I'm concerned with the proliferation of one off dependencies (specifically ts and request) but if a little package bloat makes the project more stable / maintainable C'est le vie.

The only real red flag I see is request using curl for the backend. I believe this is the only current dependency in the project external to emacs. Curl is also not installed by default on most linux distributions or windows.

@Alexjgriffith I can’t vouch on whether that’s a good thing or not since I use curl by default anyway, so I’ll either have it preinstalled or install a metapackage at some point that contains it

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