After two and a half weeks of waiting all the way from the US (f*ck USPS btw), I finally got this little puppy in the mail (although the wonderful people that shipped it to me didn’t think to add the shipping price to the price, but whatever 🙄).

This is the Libre Computer “Le Potato”. It has an Amlogic AML-S905X-CC SoC and 2GB of RAM in my model. It can easily do Linux, Android 9, 4K media delivery and playback, Kodi and much more. It features the Amlogic Video Engine 10 (AVE10) which can handle H.265, H.264 and VP9 streams with HDR metadata (so this would be great for video consumption).

It has a form factor quite similar with the Raspberry Pi 2/3 B/B+, quad core, even has a 3D GPU with OpenGL ES 2.0 (not the newest, but it’s still good for the price), HDMI 2.0 with 4K support and even an IR receiver and U-Boot button and audio headers (I2S, ADC, SPDIF) along with the usual I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO, PWM and UART headers. GPIO header pin 11 or HDMI CEC are selectable by an onboard jumper, so you can definitely integrate this into a TV and make a cool case for it.

And all of this for just $40 (it was a tad bit more expensive for me cuz international shipping, but it doesn’t matter). It’s at least a really underrated RPi alternative (not like you can get a RPi these days)

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