What are your preferred FOSS apps on Android (ideally from F-Droid)? What apps would you recommend?

Context: I just switched to a custom ROM after 2-3 years and decided I should use more FOSS apps.

@alecui Droidify - alternative F-Droid client
Dimple Mobile Tools - no bs replacements for most core apps (dialer, calendar, file manager, music player, gallery etc)
FlorisBoard - nice keyboard, doesn't currently have suggestions tho (to be reimplemented)
Aegis - 2FA codes (even supports Steam)

@alecui DAVx5, Pocket Casts, browser ofc (Firefox, Brave, Tor), LibreTorrent, NewsBlur, OsmAnd+, Tasker,, VLC, Element, Signal.

I'd also say K-9 Mail, or Bitwarden, but they are a work in progress, and I don't like them yet.

@alecui I can add:
Acode - text editor, AntennaPod - podcast manager, Barcode-Scanner, Editor - simple generic, Flym - feed reader, FreeOTP+ - 2fa, KDE Connect, KeePassDX, LibreOffice - viewer, MuPDF - viewer, Ning - network scanner, Open Camera, OpenFoodFacts, OpenTracks - GPS tracker, Syncthing, Termux, Text Fairy - ocr, Tusky - mastodon.

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