@freemo is it just me or did you disable the remove project feature from

@alecui I didnt remove any features lately… but what is “remove project” ?

@freemo well, as the name suggests, it deletes the project you’ve selected

it should be under Settings > General > Advanced > Remove project, but I don’t see it, my last option is transferring the project to another group

@alecui Are you talking about and not

@freemo oh, right, my mistake, thought it was clear from the context


@alecui Well we certainly havent changed anything over on git the last few days… are you just trying to delete a git repo? OR remove it from the group and put it back under your personal name?

@alecui just checked.. under general -> advanced is a button to delete project.. its still there.

Perhaps you dont have permission on the repo to do that?

@freemo …how can I not have permission on my own repo? 🤨

@alecui Not sure.. maybe you moved it to a group youdidnt own?

@freemo I have no idea how I could’ve done that

I gave up and just put it on private and that’s good enough for me

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