Rant about millionaires 

Hot take: wanting to become a millionaire (or worse, a billionaire, like in that Bruno Mars song) is quite childish. Like people look at a million dollars as like this huge amount (which certainly is, if you gave a poor family a mil, they’d be forever thankful). If you actually get to 1M however (which is relatively easy or difficult with a conventionally high-paying job and some patience), you realize your life isn’t that different from back when you had 100K (yearly, hopefully). Look at the people who won millions at the lottery and lost it in a year or two.

The trick isn’t to become a millionaire as in having 10M dollars, but having a consistent cashflow and multiple sources of income. And even when you have that, you have to know how to invest it (it’s of no use to have 100K/month if you waste 95K on random crap).

My opinion is that most people simply have no money management skills, you have to teach that yourself before seeing yourself having those hundreds and millions in your bank account (offshore, obviously).

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