@freemo visited the GItLab instance right now, I still can’t delete repos, even if I move them to another group

interestingly enough, I get 403 Forbidden on glab, GitLab’s CLI tool, even though I am the owner of all these repos. here’s a pic below. maybe you did some funky stuff with member permissions or something, I don’t know

@alecui i never used gitlab cli for this… when you do it via the web what happens?

@freemo there’s not even an option to delete the repo, that’s why I tried the CLI In the first place
we’ve had this same exact discussion some time back

@alecui After a few minutes of looking I’m at a complete loss as to what is happening… I can always delete the project for you but that wont solve the problem.

Would you be ok filing this as a bug so we can see if the people at can help?

@freemo I think I discovered a roundabout way of doing it which is a bit nuclear: create a new group, add the projects there and delete the group. it will be deleted in a week, it looks like, I don’t know if you can delete the group immediately (it’s alekuj)

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