Edit: I haven’t been able to get much out of this, but I sure found some weird files, including this:

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Hello people! I am an Emacs freak, but I decided to give Vim a try. I am using with picom as my compositor (obviously :P). The problem is that I prefer gvim specifically. Here is a side by side comparison of how it looks normally (left is vim running in Alacritty, right is gvim) before and after attempting hi Normal guibg=NONE ctermbg=NONE. Why doesn’t gvim show me a transparent bg and instead it goes to the default white one? This really annoys me and I can’t find any real fix (at least using my Google/DDG-fu) besides “lol just use guibg=NONE and It’ll Just Work™). Is there something I’m missing?

@freemo visited the GItLab instance right now, I still can’t delete repos, even if I move them to another group

interestingly enough, I get 403 Forbidden on glab, GitLab’s CLI tool, even though I am the owner of all these repos. here’s a pic below. maybe you did some funky stuff with member permissions or something, I don’t know

After two and a half weeks of waiting all the way from the US (f*ck USPS btw), I finally got this little puppy in the mail (although the wonderful people that shipped it to me didn’t think to add the shipping price to the price, but whatever 🙄).

This is the Libre Computer “Le Potato”. It has an Amlogic AML-S905X-CC SoC and 2GB of RAM in my model. It can easily do Linux, Android 9, 4K media delivery and playback, Kodi and much more. It features the Amlogic Video Engine 10 (AVE10) which can handle H.265, H.264 and VP9 streams with HDR metadata (so this would be great for video consumption).

It has a form factor quite similar with the Raspberry Pi 2/3 B/B+, quad core, even has a 3D GPU with OpenGL ES 2.0 (not the newest, but it’s still good for the price), HDMI 2.0 with 4K support and even an IR receiver and U-Boot button and audio headers (I2S, ADC, SPDIF) along with the usual I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO, PWM and UART headers. GPIO header pin 11 or HDMI CEC are selectable by an onboard jumper, so you can definitely integrate this into a TV and make a cool case for it.

And all of this for just $40 (it was a tad bit more expensive for me cuz international shipping, but it doesn’t matter). It’s at least a really underrated RPi alternative (not like you can get a RPi these days)

For users, you can now enjoy Mastodon from your friendly neighborhood kitchen sink OS.


You should install it from source (the MELPA package seems to be broken, for me in Spacemacs at least). I’d recommend you also activate visual-line-mode. You also need to add your mastodon-instance-url and mastodon-active-user like this:

(setq mastodon-instance-url "https://qoto.org"        mastodon-active-user "alecui")

My tip would be to also run the mastodon-toot--enable-custom-emoji which will download your instance’s… well, custom emojis (and will also enable Emojify if it’s loaded in your environment). It has every feature you’d probably need and more (and most of them aren’t assigned to any keybindings, so you’re free to have them however you like). Maybe one day we could use Org Mode to write our posts, but oh well. :qoto:

@freemo hey, I think MathJax is broken

I get a lot of CORS messages in the console and it takes a long time for the preview to even load (it even tells me at some point that web fonts aren’t available and images are used instead or something like that).

and it makes using qoto a damn nightmare to use, sometimes it freezes the page and I can’t do anything (it even froze the page as I was about to accept your follow request). Is the instance overloaded or?

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